Friday, July 27, 2012


My sister and her husband came back from their holiday to Melbourne and I received these thoughtful gifts from my sisters, May and Vicky.

BIG organic lemons from her garden- yes, time for me to try out the recipes for Lemon curd.
2 rolls of  baking parchment paper
Cupcakes liners. - just in time for my grand niece's birthday next month- my sister (the grandmother) had requested that I baked her cupcakes and a cake for her party at the kindergarden. How lucky the children are these days!

Vanilla bean paste- must really find a good recipe to use this. I had the nasty habit of hoarding expensive items till they are past the expiry date. Hope this will not be the case!

More "teapot"  for my collection- cute doggie teabags holder and a new brush for the doggies' bath time. Guess she is missing the bathing time with the doggies- when she came back she help me to bath the dogs too!
Thank you very much, May and Vicky.

I made fresh pasta again.  The pasta dough is made with semolina flour;  ratio : 100 gm semolina flour  to 1 egg.

However,  I still was  not able to get linguini or fettuccine from my manual pasta machine.   I can only get thin spaghetti. So  at the nagging from my daughter Sarah, I took the machine  back to shop for repair. And you know what, they cannot repair it and gave me a new one! Lesson: Be assertive in your consumer rights.
I pre-soaked some porcini mushroom  and  I also had  a packet of fresh Shimeji mushroom for the sauce. From the corner of the larder, found a can of Prego Herb and Cheese sauce- luckily it has expired.

Cooking it was easy peasy.
1.  Blanch fresh pasta cook in boiling water just around 2-3 minutes.
2.  Saute the diced onion in butter and olive till soft
3.  Add in the porcini mushroom - do not throw away the water, add it in as well.
4. Add the fresh mushroom and then the can of sauce.

Already at this stage, the aroma is so tantalizing!  

5. Add the cooked fresh pasta and combine together. Add some pasta water if sauce  is too thick. 
6. Adjust seasoning. Dish up and serve hot. 
Yummy fresh pasta with porcini and shimeji mushroom- always a winner with my girls!

The pasta was accompanied with a bowl of Baby French Beans Salad.
1. Quickly blanch the baby french beans in boiling water.
2. Remove and immediately place them in ice-cold water to stop them  from  further cooking
3. Pan fry some pine nuts till golden brown.
4. pan fry some bacon till crispy (for vegetarian - omit this)
5. mix french beans with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper.
6. top with toasted pine nuts, bacon crisp and some tomato wedges.

Enjoy your weekend!

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