Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this.  

Most of your would have heard/read  about Ms Sabrina Yeap.  The saga of the over-population of stray dogs from Pulau Ketam  that were abandoned off the island to fend for themselves had made headlines in the newspapers in 2009.  Sabrina bravely  led the mission and together with her volunteers to rescue and re-home these dogs.  Some of the dogs that were rescued later succumbed to the stress of abandonment and later passed away.    

This is  when I learnt about her untiring work in rescuing stray dogs and giving them a sanctuary in Kundang, Selangor- "where every furry kid has a name and a place to stay"!  These dogs each had a name- could you imagine that closeness and love she had for the dogs.   It had a great impact on my life- someone who so effortlessly give her time  to care for these dogs.

She had started the Dr. Dog programme to help the sick.  She has done much for the animal welfare - getting signatures for the petition to the Government to amend the Animal Act.  

I had volunteered at her farm once and it was an eye opener.  The dogs were so friendly and welcoming. There are so many of them - about 350 dogs yet  they can stay together at one place.  This tell you about the nature of the dogs- they are so forgiving and loving inspite of what hideous cruelties that some have been through. 

She had passed on but life still goes on at the Farm.

You can visit their website/facebook to see how you can contribute to enable these dogs to have a happy home for the rest of their life till they meet their Founder at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Rest in Peace, Ms Sabrina, you may be  gone but you works and love will  not forgotten.

This is my personal appeal for the dogs.


  1. To house 300+ dogs, this lady must have a very big heart. Tks for dropping by.

  2. Hi, Thanks for dropping by. Yes she is a great lady. You can view their facebook- furry friends farm, Malaysia.

  3. Thanks for the Cake, Elaine. SOS ( Save Our Strays ) Penang Animals Group pay our deepest respect to Sabrina. We miss U, especially ur furkids. You're always embeded in our hearts. We will continue your good work for Penang Strays, we have just had a meeting with Council proposed to work hand in hand to neuter the female strays on streets. Council will come bck to us soon on our requests & proposals. Also we will be organizing a rememberance press conference for Sabrina, we will be inviting her volunteers to join this Press Conf. We will continue her spirit over in Penang and continue her Dr Dog programme. Most of time, im just talking to her on phone...She has tendered her full support to us when i approached her by call asking for help to save the 2 dogs in teluk Bahang Fram Dogs that bitten Irish Tourist to death. Without much hesitation, Sabrina sent me her support letter to Council asking to adopt the dogs which was kept in Council Jail for months. Sabrina, May you rest in peace and meet all your furkids at the rainbow bridge as what Dr Chan Kah Yein said.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. We will miss her.