Friday, July 6, 2012


Every now and then I could brew some glutinous rice wine or raisin wine. I learnt it verbally from Aunty.
She is my sister-in-law's mother and she is a very good cook.  Her Assam Laksa, Achar and Tomyam are some of her repertoire which are very popular with our family.

My homebrewed rice wine is not perfect all the times.  There are times that the wine has a sourish hint.  So more often, I prefer to make the raisin wine instead.   This is much easier and faster and defnitely taste sweet most of the times.

My present stock of rice wine (with residue at the bottom) and raisin wine (darker colour).  These are for my niece who will be giving birth in October. It won't be enough and I will be making more for her.
My  mother-in-law is a Hakka and she  also is popular among her relatives and friends for her homebrewed rice wine.   Her  popular Chicken in Rice Wine dish is a must at every festival and New Year.  She would add some of this Ginger Wine too besides the rice wine.

This Stones Ginger Wine was bought back from Australia and I am still waiting for the occasion to open it.

Chinese believe that rice wine is good for the body during the confinement period. I had the opportunity to help my sister in law during her confinement 2 years ago in Australia.  We could not get any home brewed rice wine over there.  But I managed to get this bottle of rice wine for her use.

This product comes from China.   There are rice residues inside as well and it taste very good. 

So when I saw this while in Guangzhou, I bought a bottle back (regret- should have bought at least 2 back because I cannot find them here).

So the first dish to cook is of course, Chicken in Rice Wine.  I made this last week and it was so good to the last drop.  I skipped the ginger as Sarah does not like the ginger besides in this hot weather it may be too potent for our bodies!

When I steam prawns,  I would  use my raisin wine.  Again it was so delicious - the sweetness of the fresh and succulent prawns (even though it is only medium size ones)  mingled with the sweetness of the raisin wine was perfect.  The aroma and taste was "just like the restaurant" commented Sarah!

Enjoy your weekend= don't get drunk!


  1. Hi Elaine
    Thanks for posting a comment in my blog! I think your blog is cool! I will take my time to browse all your food here. I loves to use Glutinous Rice Wine in my cooking too but usually will buy it at the "Chinese Kedai Ubat".

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for dropping by. I like your blog too and have been following it.