Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yesterday one of my bosses celebrated his 70th birthday and he has been my boss for 30 years now.

Happy family - son specially came back from London to celebrate his birthday.  

He has not changed much in appearance from the first day that I met him except his hair is all white now.  His physical and mental agility can anytime beat anyone half his age.

He is talking about retirement, but how can my office do without him?   Besides being one of the partners of the firm, he is also our office adminstrator, staff  counselor and  mediator and last but not least the financial controller.His treatment to everyone is  fair and unbiased.  He is a strict disciplinarian when it come to work at the same time he is very approachable and charming too.   He is very generous man - whether it is food  - for any lunch outing he does not mind what you order, but he hates to see wastage nor does he refuse to give any monetary assistance to any of the staff when they seek his help. 
So for his birthday, the whole company celebrated it with a lunch at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club.     

So much space for a privileged few people. Much has been said about golf courses - generally how eco-unfriendly.

Elegant dining  at the Chinese Restaurant at the Club.

One big happy "family"

One of the pioneer staff.

His client and now good friend came back from London to celebrate his birthday too.   My boss is well known for his honesty and openess in business deals and because  of that many of his clients have become his good friends.
Dato (the other boss) and him  have been partners for more then 30 years.

With Dato, Datin and their son who also just came back from London.

The meal begins with the Four Combinations- appetizers

Deep fried Spring chicken with sweet sour sauce. Crispy and lean meat with the sauce giving a Thai flavour.

Chicken and Mushroom Soup- clear and nourishing. The meat fall apart easily showing that this soup has been slow boiled.

Steamed Garoupa- succulent flesh in light soya sauce.

Prawns baked with Cheese.  The cheese sauce is very tasty and not too heavy with the toasted  almond flakes lends a crunchy and nutty flavour to the dish.  

Braised Taufoo with seafood and vegetables.  The taufoo is so soft and silky- they are house speciality and not the usual store bought type.  The mixed seafood and vegetables sauce complements the taufoo and makes the dish light.

All too soon, the meal came to an end.

Longevity noodles - for many more years to come.
Sweet dessert - shanghai pancake and mochi .

Cooling Waterchestnut drink- sweet ending for the meal.

Last but not least, New York Cheesecake.

Thank You and  may God Bless you with good health and happiness and many more years to come. You are a wonderful boss.