Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After the visit to the Pet World,  we went to over to  Din Tai Fung at The Gardens for our lunch. 

Din Tai Fung is an award winning restaurant in Taiwan specialising in xiaolongbao (small steamed dumplings).  While I was in Taipei on my previous trip, I missed trying this restaurant as every time we made a decision to go, we were being side tracked somehow and I was as my daughter said "very ng kum yuen" (crestfallen) when I came home without eating there.

So now that they have opened in Kuala Lumpur, I have to try them.

Xiaolongbao are made to order at the restaurant behind  the open kitchen I notice that  the staff are so busy working around 4 stations. Sorry guys, did not noticed what you were doing at the 1st station.
It is the 2nd or center station where the action is.

There are around 4-5 persons working around this table.  You can see clearly the smooth operation - one rolls out thin rounds of the pastry, next one pick it up and stuff with the meat filling and each dumpling is weigh meticulously before it is deftly enclosed with the exact number of pleats and then placed into bamboo containers to be steamed at the next station.

The bamboo steamers are then placed over these holes to steam.

Each seating is given this bag to place your belongings.  This is very good - ensure a safe and comfortable environment and you can peace of mind as you dine.

Brightly decorated interior and seating are not too cramped. You difinitely don't want to hear another person conversation vice versa.  

The service was very good.   The staff were dressed in  the same colour and style of their Taipei counterparts and were all smiling and friendly, quick to respond to our call  and I find myself speaking to them in Mandarin ..haha ... but at least they understand what I am saying.  

As it was lunchtime, Sarah ordered the Spicy Hot and Sour Noodles.  

The soup was not spicy enough (our Malaysian standard) so we had to add in their special chili sauce which is pretty fiery!!

Xiao Cai- house speciality appetizer. Very appetizing indeed, shreds of black fungus, taufoo and I am not sure what you call these cold noodles mixed with sesame oil and chili oil.  I have seen these "cold noodles" being sold at the pasar malam- very QQ.

We ordered 6 pieces  of  the Xiaolongbaos.  It is a challenge to pick up these delicate baos without breaking them. A sip of the fresh tasty soup, a small dab of the vinegared julienned ginger before devouring the soft moist mound of meat- scrumptious!
We also had the Taiwanese  Spring roll.
I was actually expecting a vegetable spring roll.

Was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a crispy roll with tender moist meat filling.

Both of us had Chinese tea and the staff were quick to refill our glasses throughout the meal. 

As there are only 2 of us, we were unable to try the numerous dishes but this is going to be our favourite place for a quick lunch.



  1. When I went to Taiwan, I tried Din Tai Fung. It's a must-try one.

    1. Yes, I know, but everytime we were sidetrack by some other foods... maybe next time.