Sunday, June 17, 2012


It is an eye opener at The Pet World Exhibition 2012 that was held on 15th to 17th June 2012 at the Mid Valley.  You got to be present there to catch and witness the love, adoration and care given to all those pets by their owners.  

Even as there are as many stories of animal abusers out there,  I am glad and hearten to know that there are equally if not more,  devotion and love shown by these pet owners and animal lovers present- well you got to be a animal lover to be present at the exhibition otherwise why should you be there?!

There were free entry vouchers given for the first 500 visitors daily and I was there around 11 am and was told there the quota was over and the exhibition only starts at 10 am !  

Dr. Chan of Animalcare informed me that they were having a booth during the exhibition to raise awareness as well as funds with their t-shirts sale. You can buy them from her at

So I baked a batch of doggie biscuits to help them to raise some funds.
By way these doggie biscuits are made from wholemeal flour, eggs, full cream milk and organic oats- good treats for your doggie.   

Hey, is it a rabbit or vixen......haha- cute gimmicks to promote the sale.

Hold me tight, hold me close, you are so man.... feel secure within your arms.

There were dog's competition, grooming and dog food sales as well as dogs for sale too. There were a huge crowd around this area, so I opt to go the other hall where there cats, rabbits and other pets.

There were also rabbits' fashion show - the designs of some of these costumes not only show the creativity of the owners but also their love and passion for their pets. 

little Sherlock Holmes what are you looking for?

Pretty little princess
 Managed to snap a few photos- the rabbits are camera shy!

Bangal cats for sale.

One dog,  3 "servants" - life is great! Such pampering were seen everywhere as the dog owners bring their pets out for the day.  If only shopping malls is more pet-friendly every day and not just for a exhibition.
But for these dogs, they are given a second chance by Hope Centre, Johor Bahru.
When this dog was rescued, part of the leg was so badly infected that they had to amputate the leg. 

The eye of this dog was stitched back after being rescued.
They are so friendly yet very subdued  because of the abuse that they have been through. So help them!  They have done nothing wrong, please give them a 2nd chance.

Besides the Pet exhibits, there is also a Mickey Mouse Exhibition that was ongoing. 

This is of course, everybody's favourite "pet" in various guises.

 in gold
 gone green

in black lace too.

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