Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have seen this recipe last year if I am not mistaken from the post Elinluv's Corner and had wanted to bake this for the Chinese New Year. Somehow it did not materialise and but last weekend I purposely  bought half a pumpkin to make it (finally).
And it was indeed very tasty besides pumpkin is good for you.

I used a small knife to pare away some of the pumpkin. Reserve them to be used as part of the filling. I did not season the pumpkin with any salt as I wanted to retain the natural sweetness of the pumpkin. Wrap the whole pumpkin and bake it.  

The stuffing for the pumpkin can be vary according to your liking.   Since both my daughter and myself are supposed to be on a "diet", I have omitted the croutons.  I pan fry the bacon till crispy and set them aside. Then I saute just a quarter of diced onion till fragrant before adding in some frozen spinach (thaw and squeeze dry), 1 king mushroom (diced), the remaining  pumpkin flesh and some black olives. Season with sale and ground black pepper. Add Remove from heat and mix  in some cheddar cheese.

Remove the whole pumpkin from the oven (careful it is HOT) and spoon the stuffing carefully into the pupmkin. Wrap and return to oven to bake for around 15-20 minutes.   

 You can remove the foil and let it grill to golden brown.  If you prefer the pumpkin soft, bake it for a longer time.

Sprinkle the bacon bits on top and serve hot. Simply delicious.
To get the recipe please see blog http://www.elinluv's/

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