Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The craze for bubble tea drinks are evident as these bubble tea cafe are available at every shopping malls, pasar malam and almost around every street corners- there is one that just started their operations around the corner of my office! 

I was not a big fan  due to the unfavourable reports about those "bubbles" recently. 
However I am a convert now.  Sarah took me for a visit to the SS2 Shopping mall recently and we dropped by Chatime to rest our feet.  She ordered the Japanese Matcha Tea with Red beans for me and I instantly fall in love with it.  The thick green tea smoothie together with the pieces of sweetned red beans is absolutely  a winning combination.          

So it was a weekend all about green tea powder and red beans for me. 

The green tea powder which I bought was from Taiwan.  I love the intense flavour,  colour and aroma.  It is a bit costly- around RM4.50 for just 20 gm
I cooked the red beans with some rock sugar till they are soft.  However finding them a bit watery, I left them overnight in the slow cooker till they dry up.  And then I went to sleep and forgot about them and as a result the sides were burnt.  Luckily the rest were still usable.

I baked 2 Green Tea Swiss Rolls with Red beans and a Green Tea Layered Cake with Red Beans.

Green tea goodness!

I have been reading some of the  food blogs and  I came across this Bake-Along group.  These  are fantastic blogs and they churn out such beautiful creations every time they have a theme to bake along.

For for their 1st anniversary, the theme is layer cakes. So here's my wishes for their 1st Anniversay.

Baked  a Green Tea Sponge- when cooled, cut into 3 pieces

Place one layer of the sponge at bottom of a loaf tin. Add whipped cream and then scattered with red bean paste.
Repeat with the other 2 layers. Leave to set in the fridge.

Happy Anniversary and looking forward to more interesting creations!


  1. Hi Elaine...happy 1st anniversary to bake along and you have a delicious layered cake there. Love anything green tea with red bean fillings ! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me encouraging comment :) yea we both think and share the same interest...food and food channels :p Hope you will drop by more often !