Sunday, June 24, 2012


I had baked these mini bundt cakes for Father's Day.

I like to use my time well to browse around so many wonderful food blogs.  If I find anything interesting, I will definitely try it out myself.  Also another reason why I could want to try out the recipe is that I already have most of the ingredients required needed in my fridge.   I had promised myself that I will not waste money buying ingredients/foodstuff  that ended up in the rubbish bins because of their expiry dates. 

So that's the reason you won't find my typing out the recipe (I am too lazy to repeat it when it is not my original recipe)  instead do go to the links provided and get the recipe there.... but sometimes, I actually forgot to provide the link or I would have misplace the recipe somewhere... do forgive me.

So happened I stumble upon this recipe and since I had a packet of ground hazelnut in the fridge.

These are the mini bundt cake moulds that I bought from HongKong.
Love their precise patterns.  I did not used my camera flash as I wanted to get a good swirls of the cake.

As it was Father's Day, got to beautify things a bit.  Had a bar of Cadbury's Hazelnut chocolate, so melted them and pour it over the cooled cakes.

The cakes were a bit dry and crumbly. However it tastes very good especially with the chocolate.
Don't think I will be making this cake again though unless I have another packet of ground hazelnut sitting in my fridge again....  

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