Friday, November 25, 2016



I was wondering what to cook for dinner, when I found 2 brinjals in the fridge.  These were bought last weekend and have started to shrivelled..  So quickly recall this easy recipe from JustOneCookbook.  

Make 3 slits along the eggplants.  This will make it easier to remove the skin later. Poke  a chopstick through the center of the eggplant,  all the way from bottom to the top.  

Grill over direct heat till the skin blistered and blackened. 

Have a ready a bowl of ice-water for dipping your hands when peeling the skins (it will be very hot!)

Naked eggplants hahaha... cut into serving pieces.

Her recipe uses spring onions which I don't have, so I topped with bonita flakes instead.  Add sesame oil and soy sauce and voila.... easy delicious eggplants.  

Grilled eggplants, Stir Fry brocoli with red pepper and fried ikan tenggiri marinated with ground tumeric.

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