Monday, December 12, 2016



What is lifetime guarantee?
Things that will outlive you or is it the other way round?
Is there a lifetime guarantee to happiness and to health?

Up early to attend Fitness First Event @ Rendezvous Garden.

This Flow Yoga event is in conjunction of their 15th anniversary programme.  
We registered ourselves and got a goodies bag each..some discount vouchers and a free 8-day trial class at Fitness First.  

The interior of the Rendezvous Garden.... a corner bungalow house catering for events with a spacious garden in the quiet location of PJ section 17 and best of all a vast public carpark nearby..

chempedak trees outside.. 

Our morning sunrise session to get us energised..... 
and to relax us 
practising arm balance

There are few workshops scheduled for the whole day... the Better Arm balance and how to move into a backward bend and stress management  too. There were also a few pop-up stalls, ie yoga merchandise, handmade soaps, jewellery and the most popular, Amazin' Graze with their freshly baked  granola mix and healthy snacks.

Our organic lunch from Superfoods. There were 2 tea breaks (no coffee but with green tea available) with  banana muffins and carrot muffins. 

This is what I need .... a latte and sweet bananut crepes served with a dollop of ice cream!

Yes, this yoga mat promise lifetime guarantee..... 
thanks to my Sarah who bought this at the pop-up stall during  the workshop...    


  1. I always believe that Yoga is the best exercise for human beings as the flow and movements could reach all the inner and vital organs effectively.

    Wishing you very good health and happiness for the coming New Year 2017. I salute your willpower and determination to overcome all the sadness you had to endure.

  2. Wishing you all the best for Year 2017 too.

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