Sunday, November 6, 2016


Peeping shyly amongst the leaves... 
These flowers are really fast-growing and instead of wasting these pretty flowers, I harvested them and dried and kept them in the fridge. My friend like to immerse them in hot water and drink it in the office for the nutritious/medicinal value. I have made Kueh with them and here's another way to use them.   

Put some dried flowers in a sauce of water and bring to simmer to extract the colour you desire. 

I then used the water to boil the rice.  When the rice is cooked, I drizzled about half cup of santan over the rice as I prefer  the rice not too "lemak" (heavy?) but still retain the fragrance of coconut milk   

Salted Egg  in everything nowadays, from sweet to savoury  and so how about a spicy Salted Egg Sambal.
Boil 2-3 salted egg till cooked. Shell and dice them and set aside.  Since my Aunty had given me a bottle of sambal chili paste, I do not have to cook the sambal from scratch. So, I just saute the sliced onions till soft, add the sambal chili paste and continue to fry till fragrant.  Add some diced tomatoes and the salted eggs. Season to taste and top with some fried ikan bilis and serve.        

It has been raining most of the evening and there is nothing more comforting that a bowl of hot spicy Tomyam soup.   Bring a pot of water to boil with slices of galanglal, lemongrass, ginger, sliced onions, diced tomatoes, kaffir leaves and tomyam paste (I use pre-mix) and some tamarind juice. Just before serving, added fish cut into chunks and diced chicken fillets. Season to taste and lastly garnish with some coriander. 

Happy dinner.. 

Suddenly got the energy to make dessert... baked tapioca cake... since I had bought some tapioca on Sunday after reading the recipe from the blog post of Nasi Lemak Lover.

 I used pandan leaves to line the tin as I do not have banana leaves.     

the grated tapioca roots are mix with santan, sugar and an egg and water before baking at 200C for around an hour.  

The texture was a bit coarse as I used the food processor instead of grating it manually but the flavour is good just as I like them. It would be good to bake it a bit longer to get the golden brown top. 


  1. Your blog postings are always interesting with something new for me to learn. This is the first time I heard of Nasi Lemak with Bunga Telang Rice. Interesting!

  2. Good morning
    This is one very useful plant to have around besides it grows very well and flowers vigorously too.