Tuesday, November 8, 2016



This little lamb is a year old already and together with his 2nd and 3rd aunties and his grandpa who celebrated their respective birthday on 30th, 31st October  and 1st November, we were all invited for a buffet dinner at the Empire Hotel.  

a bow to welcome us as we stepped out of the elevator. 

Interesting LRT station design near the hotel. 

Beautiful skyline of  Subang area, there is a balcony outside too. 

A quick scouting around to see what they have to offer before the party begins......

the dessert table with the chocolate fountain.... 

Roasted leg of lamb with mint sauce and BBQ sauce and you can also have it in a mini burger. 

fresh salmon sushi rolls 

plenty of seafood for the BBQ corner and of course, the buffet line as well.. 

Salads and appetizers 
Fresh fruits platters.

these fancy ballons obviously costs a bomb! 

the kiddies eyeing the party packs...and red eggs! 

Happy birthday to the trios and family 


  1. I like to eat buffet at this hotel and they have very unique modern decors. Happy Birthday to the Trio!!

  2. Thank you. I like the dining space plus the view.. so relaxing.