Monday, November 21, 2016



She loves doughnuts and he prefers cupcakes, so we have Caramelised Bananas Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting and top with Mini Doughnuts coated cinnamon sugar .
I realised that though I have been cooking and baking these years, I have not truly make doughnuts before. Yes I baked doughnuts muffins but these tasted more cake-like than doughnuts, you know all flour plus lots of sugary coating/frosting and also that they are deep fried (I hate the idea of  wasting all those oil after frying an the price of oil have gone up...LOL).    Anyway  I was glad of this opportunity to challenge myself. 

Ingredients for the doughnuts... make sure everything is at room temperature...

Proof the dough till double in size about an hour... 

the mini doughnut cutter... and have to be very gentle to lift them otherwise ....

you won't get prefect "O"...
2nd resting time before frying... try to maintain oil temperature at 180C .. frying 4-5 pieces at a time.. 

set aside to drain off excess oil and cool 

before dredging them with mixture of cinnamon powder and caster sugar. 

These are the "not so pretty ones" which we drizzled with some of the salted caramel was yummy..

Caramelized bananas for cupcakes.  
Recipe from JustOneCookbook. 
I decided to use the Swiss Meringue Buttercream for frosting as this buttercream can remain stable at room temperature ...... 

Cook the sugar and egg white over simmering water till sugar dissolve 

Use the mixer to whisk till stiff peak and the mixture has cooled down 

before adding the cubes of butter (at room temperature) and continue to whisk 

till thick and glossy... I added some salted caramel sauce to the buttercream.  Let cool in the fridge (not too long)  before using. 

So, are we ready for Christmas?

Cousins meet-up..little Audrey and Alexa with their daddies..

and pretty mommies too....
Looking forward to see them soon..


  1. What an interesting idea to put a doughnut above the cupcake!! You should name it "Win-Win Delight". LOL

    I just ate a fat doughnut last night which I bought from TongKei. I still prefer these old fashioned plain ones instead of buying from Dunkin D's shops which have too much variety until I could not decide.

    The babies are so cute and beautiful like Japanese or Korean babies. Their parents are all good looking.

  2. Thank You TM, you are so generous with your praises!