Monday, March 3, 2014



There is no food posting ..... until water supply resume..

My housing area has been hit with the water rationing....without notice..... since last Tuesday!

It is so depressing every morning to turn on the tap and seeing  it splutter and then cough out muddy water for 1, 2, 3 seconds! And then nothing...

After the 3rd day, the water tank also dried up.

We have to resort to taking our baths at my sister's house.. thank God that her house is not affected... yet!.

Suddenly on the 4th day .. water was trickling from the garden hose! How precious was that!

Managed to fill up 3 pails and then nothing... again.

I had discover the schedule of this so-called rationing now..

Got up early during the weekend... how early ?.... 3 am. and water is flowing albeit in small volume.

It stopped exactly at 5 am! There is no choice but to take the doggies for their walk and along the way, discovered that I am not the only one up at that hour.... a few houses were already up and doing their washing! No wonder the low water pressure causing the water to cease in our garden... which is just a road away from this garden!

This morning, my next door neighbour was also up and doing her washing too.! Water stopped around 6 am this morning.... hmmm do I see an improvement in the situation?.

I am truly amazed at myself that within the 2-3 hours, I can so much:-

a.  managed to fill up all available vessels -
b.  making trips up and down the stairs at least 5-6 times... my poor knees!
c.  mop the floor!
d.  least but not last, had the chance to bath my 3 doggies!... They have been feeling so down and tired... because of the fleas attack as well as the hot weather!

Thank You Syabas for the good exercise!
PS: Its with a heavy heart that I turn on the tap last evening .... and fearfulness turn to HAPPINESS ....


So treasure water and learn ways to save water. Man can survive without food for 3 days but 3 days without water... sure die lor!


  1. sigh...bad...bad....what?? 3am?? your house high area? very jialat if like that.

  2. Good morning....
    Not high area but congested area... lots of taman-taman... Cheras
    Thank God water has been resumed!