Tuesday, March 11, 2014



I had a marvellous weekend in the "world's most expensive city" (The Star 8/3/2014) to celebrate the 103rd International Women's Day!

I joined my friend and a group of wonderful ladies (plus a handful of men) for a 2D/1N trip to Singapore. This is a typical "get rich" trip to the casinos with a visit to the Gardens by the Bay throw in.... which I was more interested in.  Since I missed the Gardens the previous visit,  I grab the opportunity this time.

We departed from Kuala Lumpur around 9 a.m. Stopover at Skudai for a 8-course lunch at a Chinese Restaurant (forgot to note the name) and by 2pm we crossed the Singapore border.

By now I guess  most of the passengers must be experiencing the "itchy hands syndrome":D!.... so our first stop was to the Marina Sands Casino.  Since this is my first visit to the casino, I joined my friend at the Roulette table ....the one with a  minimum bet S$5.00 of course.  Lady Luck was with us that day.
After S$50 bet, I won S$80! So with the S$30 win, I decided to quit and went out to take some photos as well as paid a visit to the Skypark.  

Entrance to the Skypark.... the entry fee is S$23.00. However this does not include the Infinity Pool - which was only opened for hotel guests only. I was disappointed as I was looking forward to see this.

Up and away to the Level 56 - Sands Skypark-

The observation deck with its panaroma view - the Gardens by the Bay on the right  and the "Durian" on the left - which is  the Esplanade building along the waterfront which is the venue for performing arts. 

On the opposite side is the Singapore Flyer 

The ArtScience Museum which is beside the Marina Sands 

View of the river.. actually it is not hazy at all.. infact it was  so hot that I just snapped without focus!

 So just walked round the observation deck only ... and then descended down.

 Finally, this is the best photo that I can get from my handphone......

I must  say that most of these ladies were very punctual... on the dot, everyone converged in front of the casino and we were taken for a breath of fresh air next!  

The Flower Dome -spanning 101 hectares with over 380 thousand plants! It is the world's largest columnless greenhouse- the conservatories glass sits on a steel grid shaped like an eggshell.

Up close with the knight in the shining armour on his "wooden" steed!

There are changing floral displays year round and the present theme is "War of the Roses" ie  the feudal war in the 15th century between the Royal Houses of Lancaster and York and featuring over 60 varieties of roses!

 This is a great place for photography buffs!

various sculptures among the plants 

a very very old tree-

"not so old aunty"


My friend sitting among the roses..

By the way do you know that there is no black rose  .... they are actually very dark red roses!

From here we strolled over to the Cloud Forest...

I felt instantly refreshed.... looking at this and getting sprayed with the falling mist!
This indoor waterfall is 35 metre tall!

It is covered with lush plants from various nations.

a miniature train station display.

fancy driving this "green" car?

From the ground floor, we took the lift up to level 6 and started our descend via the walkways..which encircle the mountain and the waterfall... 

The cloud walk started from this mystical lake....

and we stepped out onto the aerial walkway ..

sticking as close to the mountain as possible......

You are so high above.....

the mist provide a ethereal and cooling walk and  imagine yourself  walking on the clouds.... unless you are scare of heights..... hahaha!

We completed the cloud walk and went down the escalator to the next level -- the tree top walk. Here you can see and admire  the vertical wall of the plants. 
Soon we reached the ground floor again 
a miniature model of the whole Gardens

enter.. if you dare.....

into the lions lair!

The Supertrees with the OCBC skywalk.  We were not able to see the lighting of these as it was time to leave for our dinner and to check into our hotel.
Hence ended a wonderful and happy day!


  1. Lovely trip leh. What a good way to celebrate .

    Congratulation on your winning.

    Yikes...go up the skypark have to pay ah....adui...

  2. You didn't leave your contact no., if not, can arrange to meetup...

  3. Good morning ladies,
    To Small Kucing..... ok lah to pay but should let us see the Infinity pool at least!
    To Sharon: thanks for the offer, but really no time... have to stick to the schedule!... Next time...thanks God Bless

  4. Hi Elaine, how you doing? Look like you'd an enjoyable trip. Thanks for sharing your very nice pictures.

    Have a nice week ahead.

    1. Hi good morning Amelia,
      I am good...thanks to God..
      Have a great weekend too.

  5. What an amazing trip to Singapore! You are a very lucky person to have experienced that city on international women's day. The girls and I recently went on a trip to New York to celebrate the day and it was also amazing. Simply to be with people you love and to enjoy the joys the world has to offer is the best experience!