Thursday, August 22, 2013



The Raya holidays were still on-going and traffic was a breeze to Mid-Valley Shopping Mall.  There is no problem finding a carpark.

The K-pop dramas and music have been making huge waves across our country.  So to get to know  more about the country with its cultures and history we went for the Korea Day Exhibition.

The Korea Day Exhibition was held on 9-11th August.  This events promotes awareness of the multiple facets of Korea- its cuisine (most important to me) and its cultural heritage as well.
There were many food stalls set up and managed by young pretty Korean women and handsome young men.
Tteokbokki- spiciy stir fried rice cakes.

Korean bento 

Another Korean aunty frying pajeon- korean pancake.

This machine produces the snow flakes for the drink but I think these are mainly fruit syrups.

Mandu- korean dumplings. 

More pajeon - this is huge.
My favourite - Kimchi.  Bought 2 boxes and they are ineed very spicy and of course more authentic tasting than my own homemade ones. The handsome fellow told us that their products have no chemicals and are available in most of the supermarkets. 

Korea hand-painting fans

Hand painting designs for aprons.

There were also Korea traditional games for children to try and to win prizes- the korean instant noddles!
There were booths promoting travel and holidays packages as well.

Are you ready for some Gangnam style dancing? 
These robots did a very good imitation job!

Lastly, there was a wedding booth featuring Korean make-up artists, 
international photographers and weddings gowns from Korea.

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