Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Barriga llena, corazon contento"

8/8/2013 (2nd day of Lunar 7th month)

"A full belly and a happy heart"

I think it is  rare for everyone to get up early especially when it was on a public holiday.   However that was what we all did on the 2nd day of the Hari Raya holiday.  We were meeting our eldest brother in SS2 for dimsum. (yes more dimsum) for a family gathering.

Plates empty, stomach full and yet still sleepy faces!:D

The dimsum shop with tables spilling onto the roadside and it was only before 8.30 am on a public holiday.
The popularity of this shop is that they make their own dimsums- none of those mass manufactured stock. The lady boss herself goes to the market to get her fresh supply of fish everyday.

Upstairs - basic no frills furnishing, we are here for the food not the decor. Sorry this photo was taken after we had finished our meal, hence all the empty plates!

Noted for their own hand-made/crafted dimsums- fresh bouncy fishball, steaming hot smooth rice noddles (with big fresh prawns), Char Siew Paus with its sweet/savory, dark, moist fillings with the right balance of lean and fat meat; and Loh Mai Kai - soft glutinous rice with choice chicken meat.

After the dimsum my brother took his grandchildren and his family went to Sunway Lagoon Park while we went home (to sleep again- hahaha).

It was his birthday according to the Chinese lunar calender.

We decided to meet again for dinner in SS2. I think SS2 is a food lover's paradise- there are so many restaurants and cafe of all sorts of cuisine available, not to mention the roadside stalls as well especially the Curry Chee Cheong Fun stall.   

The Restoran New Paris  was formerly a "tai chow" stall only by the roadside.  Due to its popularity - again reasonably price good food, it had expanded into this 2 storey shoplots.  There are pictures of their former stall hanging on the wall- maybe this would serve as a reminder to the owners themselves to maintain their standard and keep serving good food and to the diners that this restaurant is still the same even in its new premises. Sometimes it is sad to note that when a restaurant move to its new premises the standard of food would change as well as the prices too!

The sweet sour tangy chilli dip with chopped shallots- not too spicy hot but addictive.

Here are just a few of the dishes which we ordered that night.   The service was fast, we only waited just about 10 minutes before the plates started coming, even though there was a huge crowd and most of the tables were seated.

Steamed fish with chili bean paste.

Mantis (lai liew har) deep fried with salted egg yolk.

Deep fried pork knuckle - crispy skin with the  layer of fat so melting in every mouthful. Best eaten with the chili dip above- very yummylicious!   

 I took the bones home for the Juju and Phow-phow.  See Juju almost finish the whole bone!

Phow-phow enjoying the bone - you cannot go near her now.

We are full and happy so were our doggies too!

I was telling my brother about the Merdeka heritage walk and asked whether he had photographs of "the Mushroom". He took this old box out but sad to say we cannot find any photos. 

Anyway to share this catch-phrase with you from their facebook: "Dalam hati ada Taman, dalam Taman ada Mushroom" Please check out Rakan KL in their facebook. They are having walks every weekend for this Merdeka month.


  1. Good morning Elaine, your doggie is so cute...

  2. Hi Elaine, I'd been to this SS2 dim sum, it's good. The chilli dip look awesome. :))

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Have a nice day.

  3. Good morning ladies,
    Yes, no frills but very good dimsum here.
    Both these doggies are strays that came to stay. love them