Thursday, August 15, 2013



I have bought a voucher for dimsum at the Imperial Pot and it was expiring on this very day. So we made our way there for brunch.  

Tea Pot soup with yuk chok Chicken - herbal and tasty soup - definitely refreshing and revitalizing,  there was none of the aftertaste of thirstiness (which is normal with heavy doses of MSG). The tea pot seems bottomless and we were drinking like endless cups (see very mini cups only) of the soup throughout the meal.! In fact, I felt that it would be quiet unnecessary to order the chinese tea unless you are the type that must have chinese tea with your dimsum. 
Unagi puff in BBQ sauce(left) and Imperial honey glazed char siew (right).  The pastry is flaky but I am not a fan of unagi but they are tasty alright.  The char siew is nice balance of fat and lean meat but rather ordinary.

The siew mai with fish roe- again fresh meat but ordinary.

The cute little Oinky custard buns.  These buns will win your heart with their cute presentation but taste-wise just custard- on the sweet side too.

We both loved this pot of plain porridge- it's smooth and plain (but not actually tasteless?!) just like the Cantonese style  congee. Perfect foil to the oiliness and richness of the dimsum.
Pan fried lotus roots.
Lastly chilled soft silky beancurd with its ginger flavoured syrup. Delicious.

The large kitchen at the back of the restaurant.
The "grand entrance" to the washroom

The above set dimsum meal caters for 2 persons satisfactorily (though could be we both have small appetites!), so we did not ordered anything else from their menu. 



  1. Hi Elaine, the dim sum look good. I like the soup serve in the beautiful teapot. The oink oink look so cute, too nice to be eaten. :)

    Have a nice day.

  2. Good morning Elaine, dim sum, one of my favourite foods.... hehe...

  3. Good morning Elaine! Thanks for visiting.

    Nice dim sum and interior decoration. I always crave for nice dim sum as breakfast.

  4. Good morning ladies,
    Thanks for dropping by. Dimsum always touches our heart as it names implies!
    Have a good week!