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Early this morning, my sister and her family had flew back from Melbourne.  I am sure that they would be busy unpacking and resting from jet lag.  I did not bother them though I was very eager to know all about their trip and the wedding celebration. So I made these paus in the meanwhile.

I had a wedge of pumpkin and decided to follow the recipe from Honey Bee to make this Pumpkin Pau with Char siew filling.   

Steamed pumpkin and mashed and mix with the pau flour to make a smooth dough.  
Prepare the started dough first: Mix 120g plain flour (I used pau flour) with 1/4 teasp of instant yeast, 70 ml of water and pinch of salt.  Leave to double in size (I prepared this the night before).
Main dough: 180 gm pumpkin (peeled, steamed and mashed) I used about 200 gm. Mix together with 100 gm started dough, 300 gm pau flour; 1/2 teasp instant yeast; 20gm milk powder (I replaced it with pau flour); 20 gm caster sugar, 20 olive oil (I used corn oil); 1/8 teasp salt.  If the dough is dry, add 1 tablesp of water gradually. Let dough rest for 1 hour until double in size.

I had cooked this Char siew filling earlier as I had intended to try the Baked Seremban Char Siew Pau.

Deflate dough and divide into 50 gm each and rest for 10 minutes.  

Shape each piece into round disc, add filling in the center before sealing.  I got these greaseproof papers from  Daiso.  Let the paus proof for another half hour before steaming.

Steam paus over medium low heat for 10-12 minutes. Be careful when you remove the cover, making sure that the water does not drip onto the paus.  Remove immediately on wire tray to cool.
The paus are soft and the pumpkin flavour is subtle. The pairing with the char siew filling is a winning combination. Thumbs up!

This is my adaption of the Chicken and Onions Bao from Nasi Lemak Lover's blog.
Normally when I use spring onions for cooking, I would reserve the  white parts.  As these parts are more pungent  I would dice them and use them as shallots.
Now with the collection getting larger, I decided to use them to make the Pork & Prawn Paus. 
Minced pork and diced prawns were quickly sauted together with the white spring onions.
I had pan fried the filling this time and I did not thicken the mixture with any cornstarch during the cooking process.  As you can see from the picture, the mixture became watery when it cooled down. 
The next time, I would marinate and season the meat mixture and no pre-cooking before steaming. It would then taste like the "siew loong pau"!  I did not add any hard boiled eggs as well.

This pau dough is fantastic- its a straight dough method, so easy to make and once steamed, it is soft and fluffy. Mix together 500 gm cake flour (I used pau flour); 1/2 teasp. salt, 2 teasp instant yeast; 80 gm caster sugar, 220 gm water and 40 gm corn oil.  Knead till dough is soft and smooth.  Rest to proof for an hour till double in size.     

I divide the dough into 60gm pieces each. Fill and wrap paus and leave for second proof for around half hour or until double.  Steam over high heat for 10-12 minutes.

 These are chillies not flowers which my sister brought back from Melbourne.
All these chillies were grown by my Vicky's mother-in-law- a charming and gracious Greek lady. 
Don't be mistaken they are not bell-peppers and very very hot and spicy indeed.

"Don't move or else you are dead!"

These 2 cats belong to my nephew. Whilst the family were away in Melbourne, my sister-in-law Evon had helped to take care of them.   The black cat, Salem ran away from home a few times and we were so worried that he had got lost or cat-napped. According to my brother in law, the minute the family arrived back at the gate, these cats came galloping home towards them and keeping meowing and rubbing against their legs as if telling them how much they missed the family! Believe it or not.
Have a great weekend.

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