Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Last weekend, at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Golf and Country Club, the homo sapiens have taken over the field from the horses! Yes, it was the Carnival Day for the staff of OYL Manufacturing Co.Sdn. Bhd.!

The MC was heard from across the field throughout the 5 hours plus of the carnival together with the shrieks, yells and laughters of the staff!.  

The horses are not allowed out to play today- no horse power instead  it was human power all over the field as they visited the numerous booths that were set up. 

BCWA - Breast Cancer  Awareness organisation set up the booth  selling the pink items to raise funds as well as to create awareness of  early detection of breast cancer! I was lucky to participate together with the Matron and nurses that day. They are really veterans - very professional  in handling the queries as well as conducting the free examination for the ladies (see the pink mobile clinic behind). I also had the chance to met 2 other volunteers who are breast cancer survivors who willingly shared their testimony with the crowds that dropped by the booth.  

 There was a cupcake decoration competition.

Not only face painting but hands as well!
I did not get the chance to take photos of all the games booth.
There were also lucky draws before  the end of the carnival.

The buffet spread for lunch were generous and plentiful - not just for the staff but also for all participants and  sales personnel as well.

I took a light lunch as I had planned to meet my daughter Sarah for lunch after the event.   I read about the Teapot Cafe was closing its door on that day. (I had blog about this here- .

We wanted to have their hi-tea for the last time.  However by the time we reached the cafe, it was packed to the brim! Obviously, all their faithful customers were here to reminisce the cafe's glory and to have the final serving of their favorite food.

We decided not to wait (yes there were already a waiting line) as  we were hungry. So we decided to take my nephew and sister-in-law for the Banana Leaf Rice instead.      
Yes, they had already changed to using "paper banana leaves" instead of the real thing.
Did I taste any differences? Not really,  I find the  food  still the same. My favourite is their dhal curry  and  Fried Sotong.
According to the notices around the restaurant,  these papers are safe and hygienic.  Maybe.

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