Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is a guest post from my sister, May. She is in the Cardiac Theatre, Royal Children Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.   Enjoy reading!

Epitome of a Cardiac Theatre Nurse
The night is over without a call
Rosella has done well without a fall
A good hearty breakfast, I am told
Or else you will be left out in the cold
Patient sent for? Someone asks
Everyone nods without a fuss
Theatre prepared, the scene is met
With camera, lights and action soon to be set
The patient is eventually under…
But you may start to wonder
How come it takes so long?
Surely nothing can go wrong?
Time out done, patient prepped
Blood pressure down, anaesthetist yelps
“Crack the chest –
bypass now!
Call the surgeons somehow
In come Christian waltzing like a breeze
Followed closely by our Yves
And Igor telling everyone…
Zomething please …. Someone
Purse strings, snuggers, divide the lines
Go on bypass, patient’s fine
Shaking like a leaf, I perform
With the speed of lightning, I conform
Crisis over, time to breathe
Recollecting is just what I need
“Well done” a comment made
Fear and panic eventually fade
Thankful to the team, I share
h the tough training, I won’t despair
The confidence instilled paid my grief
The support I get gives me such a relief
So friends and colleagues all alike
My cardiac journey is such a delight
With many happy endings and the sad
I share with you, the great humour one must have.

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