Thursday, November 8, 2012


For many young people after their SPM examinations, it is time to think what  career to choose for their future.  The most sought after careers, I think must be: doctor, engineer, architect, accountant and lawyer.

However if my kids were to ask me again, I will tell them - BE A DENTIST!.

In fact, if  I remember rightly,  my son had wanted to study Dentistry but  I did not foresee that need then nor do I have the finances to support him back then. Thank God he is doing well in his career now.

As we age, our pearlies need to undergo certain procedures - be it root canal, crowning, bridging, implants and least but not last dentures! Many people nowadays also need scaling,   braces and correctional surgery too. Dental treatments are expensive,   yet you just have to call up any dental clinics and they will tell  you that the appointments are full. So you see the need (for a dentist) and the money (being a dentist that is). 

The phobia of a dental visit  must have stemmed from our childhood.

Our parents could take us to the Government clinic at Jalan Silang back then whenever the need arise.  It was scary to sit and wait outside where you can hear not only the whirring sounds of the machine but also the cries and screaming as well.  When our turn came, we strained ourselves to sit still in the chair, shivering inwardly and tightening all our muscles waiting for the inevitable to come.  

"Open your mouth" -aah- a quick tug and out come the rotten tooth and before you had the chance to  scream at the pain, a thick wad of cotton was stuck into the bleeding hole! End of visit.

I had been having some "teething" problems recently.   And finally at the last dental's visit, I was told to do root canal to save that "sore tooth".

I still want to taste all the marvelous foods out there. So I had to accede to the dentist's advice and go for this root canal thing.  

It is not only "toothache" (physical) but also "sore tooth" (monetary) as the Chinese says, that I had to endure.

No doubt nowadays, the dentist has better  "bedside manners"  and explain everything to you -even a joke or two too.  He liken pulling out the tooth to killing a person - fast and straightforward;  whereas to save a tooth more time consuming.  (I know- lame!) 

I had my first treatment which lasted almost an hour  and not only was my whole mouth numbed but I also developed a pain in my neck. I still strained and shivered inwardly- sigh! It is not just one treatment but still have to go for 3 more, sigh, sigh....

So enjoy all those delicious food that you will be partaking for the weekend.


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