Wednesday, October 31, 2012


One airline recently offered free seats to various destinations. The year is ending and many people are planning their holidays.  Some may desire to go somewhere exotic, some to go to less traveled hideaways,  some prefer to escape to the winter wonderlands.  The holidays maybe a brief  visit or a short week or perhaps more than a month. 
For some, the journey has been a happy and memorable trip while some may feel that the holidays has been disappointing or  totally unsatisfactory journey.  These experiences depends in whose company we have chosen to travel with.  Some may find that they have got into the wrong car and chosen the  wrong "key" (ie person with no common interest).

At the end of  every journey, we have to go home.

We just said goodbye to the  Mr. Macgyver in the family - my brother in law met with a car accident on Hari Raya Haji.  He went into a coma and passed away on Saturday without regaining consciousness.
He was a down-to-earth person, always willing to help and a true "Mr. Macgyver"  in the family- a very handyman - fixing this and that and improvising whenever needed. I am thankful of  these very "constructive" lessons that he had taught my son.  He was also very active in his diving and fishing trips.  He had cared and cooked for my mother-in-law throughout her illness despite himself being a dialysis patient.   

Life lessons to be learned from the butterfly. Brief  yet colourful!

Church members saying the final goodbye

At the Cheras crematorium.

Relatives and friends saying their goodbyes.

His son and wife saying their final goodbye before the casket was lowered for cremation.
The ashes will be collected and put in the columbarium at the Nilai Memorial where his parents were- to welcome him. 

The flower bloom and wilt and our journey on this earth may be as brief as the flower, so whom do we want to accompany us on the way and to which home we are returning at the end of  journey.

May you rest in peace, Sam Yoong.