Thursday, November 15, 2012


Cherry  has been sick for almost a month now.  The hole in her mouth is not getting better.  We still have to feed her through the tube attached to her throat.  She is very weak and cannot walk up the stairs to the toilet to pee or poo (yes, she was that good- do her business in the toilet upstairs).  As all of us are not at home during the day, she had no choice but to sit in the wet papers till we come home to clean her up. So during the weekend, I prefer to give her a thorough hot bath.  After that she enjoy being left out in the sun to enjoy the fresh air and light.  

Glazing out at the garden and remembering her freedom to roam and sit in the sun.

Catching the final rays of sun..

Suddenly Chu-chu appeared "what is this strange creature with the neck brace?".

Toto quickly came forward and kept a protective watch over Cherry.

Warning: "Don't you dare touch her"

Chu-chu moved closely, still staring intently. "wait till I get my paws on you"

Another bodyguard has stepped into the picture.

Phow-Phow and Toto do not disturb Cherry in the house.
Cat and dogs can be friends too!
Cherry will be looking forward to her bath and the sunshine again this weekend.


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