Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am happy and looking forward to the following three weeks. 

Firstly,  my boss had gone overseas for holiday and won't be back till 30/9/2012.

Secondly, Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner and the child in me is looking forward to the festival- the gathering of family- (Chinese saying- "people and full moon comes together in a full circle")  and of course the food and the marvel of playing with the lanterns.

 Favourite lanterns of my time- I don't mean the Angry Bird ones!

Cartoon Lanterns of today!

These are hot items selling in the pasar malams around KL town. But strangely can hardly see them on sale in Petaling Street, the Chinatown or shall we call by some other name since most of the vendors are not Chinese any more!
Last but not least, making my Shanghai mooncakes.

I baked my first batch of mooncakes last weekened.  Though they may not look the prettiest, I am happy and satisfied with the results.

The pastry do looked a bit thick as I scaled the filling paste at 75gm and the pastry at 70gm.  Otherwise it will be eating just the white Lotus paste.

These mooncakes get a 2nd egg wash before finish baking and hence the darker golden colour.
I also baked some Curry Chicken Buns and Chicken Floss Buns.  I used the sponge dough method.  The buns were still soft and fluffy overnight.  

These are Curry Chicken Buns.  I did not egg wash the buns before baking. Instead, I rubbed a piece of butter over them when they came out of the oven. 

This is the Chicken Floss Buns.  I brush these buns with egg wash before baking, hence the glossy appearance.


  1. The first shot of the lanterns is beautiful mom!
    And I really wish I get to try the Shanghai mooncakes. Look yum!

    1. Really-so effort not wasted as I got chased off by the shopowner! Next time you are back in KL.

  2. see the first two photos, then only i got Mooncake festival feel,hehehe..great shots!