Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Happy Birthday, my dearest sister, May.
May you be blessed with long, healthy and happy life.

Finally after completing the orders for the Shanghai Mooncakes, I can now heave a sigh of relief. Thank you everyone very much  for all the support. Now it is time to concentrate on the Lantern Festival on 30/9/2012.

My doggies had a great treat and they loved those crumbs!
 Before that,  my sister May's birthday is on 27/9/2012.  As she resides in Australia, I can only make her some visual  goodies for her birthday. 

Longevity peach is not a fruit but a Chinese bun that  is the represention of  the celestial peach.  According to Chinese legends, the celestial peach ripens once every few thousand years and humans who consume the celestial peach achieve immortality.

This aspiration for immortality and longevity gave rise to the longevity peach-shaped bun like its celestial counterpart.    It is similar to the pao or mantou except that it is shaped and coloured like a peach.  

Longevity peaches are presented during birthdays of elders  to wish them a long life and this  symbol of longevity plays a similar role of a birthday cake. 

This is my first attempt to make the Longevity Peach Buns.  Recipe was taken from   I use the leftover Red Bean paste as filling for these buns.  

After 1st proof, the buns are filled and shaped into peach shape. I used a toothpick to keep the dent in the centre. Let them proof for the 2nd time before steaming. Here I have used a greaseproof paper. However I would suggest that you grease the plate instead and not use the paper as the buns tends to stick to the paper.

Now, this is suppose to be "big peach" - it is actually a "cover" hidding those tiny peach buns beneath. But I guess the bowl used was too small. Also let this proof a 2nd time before steaming.

Dip a toothbrush with some pink colouring and spray the droplets onto the bun while hot. 
This was one of art lesson learnt  in school.  Hold the brush higher so that the droplets are light and not  blobs/splashes and be careful not to touch them till colour sets.

I think the buns were a bit big as I had scaled them at 30 gms dough and 15 gm filing.  Maybe it can be reduce  to 20 gm dough.  Can manage to "hid" only 3 buns under the cover.  The buns are light and soft till the next day. 

Besides this I also made for her a vegetarian Mushroom and Tomato Quiche.

Basic short crust pastry. Half fat to flour.   Make sure to rest the dough before rolling out between 2 pieces of greaseproof paper- it saves time cleaning up all those flour and easier to lift the pastry onto the pie shell.  

After blind baking set aside to cool.

Sauted fresh mushroom and diced tomato and onions.

Loved this really aged Parmesan cheese from Australia!

Put the mushroom and tomato filling in the pie shell. Top with grated cheese

Pour the quiche mixture before baking.

Golden, creamy and delicious quiche-can be serve warm or cold for lunch the next day.
Enjoy your birthday! We did eating all these over here..hahaha.

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