Sunday, September 23, 2012



In the midst of the busy schedule of getting the Shanghai Mooncakes ready for collection, I took a breather and went for a baking demo at 19 Culinary Studio.

The baking demo was held  at the 19 Culinary Studio was for French Desserts.  The cooking studio is a bungalow along Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights started by a Ms. Hellen Fong.   You can read about her and the studio in the Flavours Magazine October 2012.

 The quiet and lush green surrounding and the easy camaraderie between the teacher and the group of baking enthusiast  is a balm to my tired body.

The reception area

Inside the courtyard.

The teacher/chef is Ms. Sapna who demonstrated 2 types of French desserts- Orange Madelines and Chocolate Tart.

From left: Ms. Angelin, the Chef Ms Sapna and Ms Hellen Fong 

Demonstrating how to roll pastry into the pie dish.

Piping the madeline batter into the madeline pan- less mess but you will need this special pan to make these fancy beauties.

Beautiful "humps"

Light, fluffy and zesty- delicious

Chocolate Tarts - made with Varlhona Chocolate- get the best chocolate you can to get.

Putting the finishing touch to the chocolate Tart- caramelized pecan!.

the most decadent Chocolate Tart with caramelized pecans- see the layers!

After the class, we went over to the Vet and saw my poor Cherry- she had a tube inserted into her back so as to get the food down her.  At this moment, I really felt so so sad.  I was wondering whether I should just let her go, seeing how she is suffering. 

However, she still has a chance of recovering and I cannot forego this chance that she will get better. I knew age is catching up on her and I could prefer that she pass away naturally rather than have to put her down. Just got to keep praying for her. 

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