Friday, September 7, 2012


Time really flies.   I have been staying in this neighbourhood for almost 21 years. We shifted into just after my daughter Sarah was a full month old. Whenever my neighbour, Mrs Liew see Sarah, she would always recall how I carried the baby into the house..

Mrs Liew  had been staying next door more or less the same time as us.   I too have seen how her daugthers have grown up and are now proud mothers themselves. Her husband had passed away suddenly of stroke 2 years ago. Before that he was a very handyman around- he practically did everything himself- cleaning the gutters, spraying/
weeding the garden, painting the house and even making his own enzyme cleaning solution!  
We  are always sharing our food.  She is an accomplished cook- and her Ang Koo, Assam Laksa and Kerabu meehoon are really to die for. 
As I had been giving her some of my baked breads recently,  last week she gave me a container of her homemade kaya. To me, this is the best kaya that I had eaten, creamy and rich and full of santan flavour!.

Kaya served with the Steamed Glutinous rice (which I had reserved from making the Ketupat Sotong).  

My version of Pulut Tai-Tai minus the blue/purple colouring. Very very delicious combination!

She also gave me a bag of these beansprouts

What so about these beansprout? Look how fat, stout and juicy they look!
You are right to say these must have been grown in Ipoh. 

Look the skins that was left behind.  These beansprouts were crunchy and tasty - I just fried them with some pickled mustard- hardly needed any other condiments.

Yes, time really flies, I made these Steamed Corn Muffin last weekend and tomorrow is another weekend!. 

Recipe adapted from Elinluv Tidbits Corner.
I used fresh corn and added all of them to the batter.

Try them over the weekend and enjoy your weekend.

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