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I  am in a whirlpool of thoughts lately about life, death and euthanasia, which I always advocate for myself in case I grow old and useless and suffering but not for anyone/anything else. 

Yes I am still bother about our  cat Cherry.   As mentioned earlier, she is at the point between  life and death. I hate to be one to give the decision for euthanasia. As Dr. Chan said there is still life within her and I got to respect that life.  On the other hand, I also hate to see her suffering.

So while we cannot make any decision, we still got to eat.

Datin has organised a Hari Raya Open House Lunch in the office for the staff and some of our clients.   Today was the last day for the Hari Raya celebration.   Each of the staff were to bring some food/drinks for lunch together. Datin herself cooked some Chicken Rendang and Lontong. 

A festive mood prevailed around the office the whole day. 
The reception area was gaily decorated to welcome the guests.

Our cheerful receptionist!

The vast arrays of cookies

The staff were busy setting out the food, arranging the table, getting the drinks and cutlery ready.

Finally around lunchtime, our guests (our firm's long and loyal  customers) have arrived.  

As our Dato' was not in, we requested one of the clients to say the doa before eating.

The spread of food for lunch.

Ketupat with Chicken Rendang

Fried Meehoon with Shrimps

Pre-packed Nasi Dagang with curry

Mango and Strawberry Pudding

 Even a bunch of bananas

It was heartening to see the efforts put in by my collegues from the food to the table setting.

I baked some Hokkaido Cupcakes and Mini Lemon Tarts which were a hit(finally putting good use to the lemons given by my sister from  Australia).

This is how I normally do the pie crust- just a knob of the dough into the tart shell and press it out evenly - save time rolling it out and fitting into the tart shell.

Blind bake the pie crusts before filling.

Lovely lemony and smooth custard.

It was really a "full" day for me. Delicious homecooked food albeit a bit cold.

For dinner, I went  for a BBQ and Steamboat dinner at the newly opened Zen Garden, Cheras with my daughters Esther and Sarah. Actually I bought a groupon discount to try out this place as it is near my house.
Each  BBQ and Steamboat set which caters for 2 person costs RM49.90 and Groupon offers it at RM29.90 only. 

The Buddha greeting us upon arrival and immediately I can feel the calming effect. Nice surroundings and  spacious with a big bar- just the place to chill out and unwind.

These photos are taken with Esther's mobile.

 Pots of chili sauces- from Sa Cha to Sambal varying degrees of spiciness!

They offer only 2 types of soup base- Fish Stock or Tomyam.  We requested for fish stock as Esther was having a bit of sore throat.

The waitress preparing the BBQ for us.

The set  actually for 2 person  is also sufficient for 3 pax but we did ordered some side dishes of fish cakes, enoki mushroom and lettuce.

There is a big bowl of Fried Garlic Rice as well just in case you are still hungry at the end of the meal.

Great time relaxing and chatting with the girls. As it was a weekday, there is no big crowds and  service was attentive.

We took around an hour to finish our meal and the total bill for drinks and the side orders came up to less then RM50.00 which is very economical.  Just hope that they will continue to keep up the service and food preparation.

Went home and quickly made a drink of the preserved lime with liquorice for Esther to soothe her sore throat.

This bottle of preserved lime was dated 2004.  Notice that all the salt has dissolved.  Great remedy for sore throat.

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