Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This was our last day spent in Hong Kong. I have enjoyed myself very much this trip- the places, the food and most important the camaraderie shared with my daughters throughout this trip made it very memorable and happy for me.

We decide to have porridge for our breakfast this morning along Shanghai street.

Bowl of chicken offals proddige with crullers - very tasty and the intestines very crunchy.

Apparently this shop has the newspaper recommendation.

Mountains of chicken intestines, liver etc.
After breakfast, we decided to go to Central.

This is the business hub of HK. We were surprised to see hugh crowd of Filipino maids gathering together along the street.

The street made popular by TVB drama

LAN KWAI FONG. We managed to locate this street. As it was day time, the pubs are closed and can see the graffiti along the street and the guide was right, this is only one short street.

As we were meandering along the side lanes where there are peddlars of clothing, arts and crafts, we came across this quaint cafe.

So we took a break to have their Black and White Coffee. This cup set is not for sale and I noticed that only coffee shops are using them. So is this brand of evaporated milk - it is not found in any of the supermarkets.

French Toast- delicious.

With peanut butter filling- yummy

Bottom of teacup- established since 1980? Read the tea leaves and tell me my fortune.

Pottinger Street - there are a few of these steps/steep street along Central.

This street is one with old stone slabs.

The scene from manyof TV dramas

Counting the steps, Sarah?

We were trying to locate the Man Mo Temple when we came across these trees.

Man Mo Temple - most of the worshippers who came here are young people - for blessing for their studies!

The other temple next to it is for those to pay homage to the "Tai Shui"- see the long queue.

Can you recognise the street behind?

We make our way to the Antique Street.

Along Antique street, this man writing the Chinese couplets.

All those steep street really made us hungry.

We went for our "siew mei" lunch at this Golden China Restaurant.Small shop beautifully decorated with olden chinese deco.

Roasted Duck Rice

Roasted Pork Belly Rice

Big plate of blanched choy sum which we can never get enough !

One of decorations outside the shop's window.

Tsui Wah Restaurant where we got our freshly baked egg tarts

Buttery flaky pastry with soft custard.

This old building stand out among the skyscrapers along Central- Western Market.

Loves the stained glass windows. This is an really "old" building. The concept of retail is the same as our Central Market.

Western Market since 1906.

To rest our tired feet, we took the tram. They have a very efficent system and the bus (ops it should be tram) driver was so helpful.

We just relaxed and took a short ride to the MTR station to Wong Tai Sin Temple.

The dragons at the entrance. Even though the Chinese New Year has passed, there were still a lot of worshippers.

The old and the young

Most of them came here to "kow chim"

Serenity amidst the pressing crowds.
The weather was getting hotter and we went to shop around the plaza next to the temple for a while before taking the MTR back to our hotel.

We went up to the Jade Cafe on the 19th Floor of the hotel for a cuppa of tea. This is the seaview from the cafe.

Soon it was time to depart to the airport. More shopping at the airport- it was huge. We had our dinner before boarding the plane. The flight back was uneventful and we finally reached KL passed midnight.

The flight home was uneventful

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