Sunday, February 26, 2012


This morning its free and easy for us . Woke up early and before the girls are ready, I went down for a walk along Shanghai Street. Most of the shops along this street sells cooking utensils.

This shop sells knives- from their signage this must be a "old" (renown) shop.

This shop sells all sorts of baking ingredients, bakeware etc. - very crowded when I dropped by later.

This shop specialised in chopping boards- from the small to giantic ones.

The next road is the wholesale fruits market- You can find all varieties of fruits here and the prices are very cheap too.

Just across the hotel is this public square- still too early for the morning crowd.

Went back to the hotel and the girls were ready to move. This morning we were going to look for the AUSTRALIA DAIRY COMPANY for our breakfast. Took the MTR to Jordan, Exit C2 and turn right and walk to the traffic junction, cross the road opposite and its 2 roads up - Parkes street.

Already there was a queue waiting as it was a Saturday morning. However the service was very efficient. This man keep record of those coming out and he will let is the same number of people. We did not wait too long as there are 3 of us. However we still have to share a table with a gentleman. He very kindly told us that there is only 1 set menu for breakfast and the drinks will be served after you have finished your meal. This seem reasonable to me- at least we do not have to keep drinking while waiting for the food to arrive which by then we may not be able to appreciate the food.

First item - Macaroni soup with ham. The HK really have good appetite- so early in the morning, but it was very tasty and warming on this cold morning.

Next came this Scrambled eggs and toast. This is creamy and eggy and totally very good.

Talking about big portions yet we were able to finish them.

As you can see all the tables were full and but service was prompt.

We all ordered the Milk Tea and it again it did not disappoint us. We just want to linger over the tea and enjoy it.
However nobody seems to be doing that, it's like order, eat, and then leave. Guess this is due to the brisk business and lack of space.

After such a heavy breakfast, we walked around a while and then took a taxi to the Peninsular Hotel, end of Tsim Sha Tsui, near the harbour.

This is the place to shop for branded goods as these shops are housed around this area.

Just as I remember it- still so majestic looking. This hotel was built near the harbour in early times. During the Japanese occupation, it was used as the Japanese Headquarters.

The pair of Guardian Gods on the entrance of the hotel.

One of the green coloured Roll-Royces that hotel is notable for!

Walking under a construction canopy- here you can see that bamboo being used as scaffolding. Fantastic.

Just around the corner of Peninsular Hotel is the Heritage 1881. This building was formerly the Marine Police Headquarters.

Love is in the air!

Another awesome building with its beautifully sculptured grounds as well.

Behind is the Hullett House Hotel where they offered high tea with champagne!

One of the canons facing the Hong Kong Space Museum,opposite the road.

The original Ball Clock Tower.

After some time here, it is time for us to go back to the hotel. On the way, we bought this Polo Bun at one of bakery.

Polo Bun= translated "pineapple bun". There is no pineapple whatsoever in this bun. It is so called because of its topping - a custard topping when baked looks like the skin of the pineapple. It is actually just a sweet bun.

Along the way we also passed a few "siu mei" shop-

We also passed by one street that sells all sorts of dried seafood items- sharkfins anyone?

By the time, we reached our hotel, it was almost lunchtime. We decided to try the Mido Cafe nearby our hotel. This is the "char chan teng" that was often shown in the TVB dramas. Their popular drink here is the "Red Bean Ice" a concoction of layer of red bean and topped with soy milk. There was a notice that says "no photos please" hence forgot to take a picture of it.

This is a sneak photo with my phone- their signature dish Baked Sparerib Rice.

Juicy spareribs (even with the charred ends) and thick yummy sauce.

This Cheese Baked Rice is also very cheesy and creamy.

Here is a photo of the cafe. I think their fried mee and noddles must be popular too as can be seen on other tables.
After lunch, we walked along Shanghai street and got myself some bakeware- very cheap.

Then it is back to hotel to refresh ourselves before the night tour.

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