Thursday, February 2, 2012


After having been feasting since day 1 of the Chinese New Year, it's time to spend a quiet weekend and to rest my stomach.

BBQ at second brother KK's house, Taman Desa on the 4th day of the Chinese New Year.

my niece Chloe, the dancing princess.

On the 6th day day, my sister Jennifer gave us a lunch at a restuarant in Sungai Long.

Steamed Herbal Kampong Chicken.

What a sight to behold when we came out of the restaurant! Only my brother's car seemed to be perferred by the pigeons!

So on the 7th day of Chinese New Year, which happened to be called "Yan Yat" (translation "everybody's birthday") I prepared this simple yet delicious lunch.

Ingredients: Mee Sua (chinese like to eat mee on their birthday as a symbol for longivity); Spring Onions ("chong" in chinese- so that they will become brillant/clever ("chong ming") and dried prawns.

The dried prawns are washed and then soaked in chinese rose wine or Shaoxing wine till soften.

The dried prawns are then saute till fragrant and dish up and set aside.

Then the white part of the spring onions are added to the oil and fried till fragrant.

Next add the green parts and again fry till fragrant.

Then add the sauteed dried prawns back into the wok.

Meanwhile blanch the mee sua till just cooked- not too long as it will become mushy.

Quickly add mee sua to the spring onions/dried prawns and mix well.

Serve warm. There is no need for any other seasoning as the dried prawns is salty. Can add a dash of pepper, if desire.

I added a fried egg (chinese also served red hardboiled eggs on birthday- symbol of new life) and served it with some greens and a Sweet Logan and Lotus seed soup.

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