Monday, February 27, 2012


The tour agent came promptly to pick us for the night tour. Winnie is a cute, cuddly and cheerful lady. Our first stop is to the Avenue of Stars- Tsim Sha Tsui.

The whole stretch of pathway is dedicated to those actors/actresses/singers who had contributed to the HongKong entertainment. Even though it was still early evening there were huge crowds of tourists (mainly from Mainland China), making it impossible to get some good photographs. The sun suddenly came out and hence the sunnies!

So can only take photos of the handprints. Jeremy's favourite singer.

These hand prints are on the ground. Everyone is walking over them and yet you can see the tourists kneeling down and placing their hands on these prints... urgh!

One of our favourite actor. He has been awarded the Best Actor. He is one of the few actors that graduate from the prestigious Hongkong Drama University.

Lights, camera and action.

The iconic Bruce Lee - cannot even get close to get a nice photo.

For those who had passed on, the handprints have been removed.

There is a display of the Symphony of Lights around 8.00 pm every night. However, we were unable to wait as we had to take our dinner and then to go up to theVictoria Peak.

The night tour included a dinner with Roasted Goose - so rave about! We only got half a goose-maybe there are only 7 of us in the group. The meat seems a bit tough but tasty alright.

Shrimps with cucumber. Typical Cantonese style of cooking - simple, "ching" - concentrating on the fresh ingredients.

Cauliflower with strips of pork fillet which is very tender

The only spicy dish- Eggplants - but as most Hongkong people cannot take spicy food, it is not spicy at all to our taste.
There is also Steamed Carp in Ginger sauce - again only half the tail.

After dinner, it is time to go up the Victoria Peak. You could go by way of cable car if you don't mind the long queue so it is much faster to travel up by bus or taxi. Our tour bus took us all the way up. Along the way we were able to see many luxurious mansions. The road up to the peak is therefore very well maintained every year.

At Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Our own Datuk Michelle Yeoh welcoming us at the entrance.

We were told that it would be very cold up the peak but the night turned out to be clear and the breeze was so refreshing.

Up closed with Jay favourite singer.

The most sought after one - he really looked so handsome...hmmm
The wax museum is divided into 3 levels- the bottom level housed most of the popular actors/actresses ie entertainment world (big business in Hongkong).

At the next level you can see all the historical figures/kings and quuens and heads of countries etc.

This is the Madam Tussaud herself.
Here are the information on how they create these figures.

There are also figures from the sports arena- David Beckham, Yao Ming etc.

Definitely needs no introduction here.

Whisper in her ears and she will laugh. haha.
We do missed a few of the wax figures and were told that maybe they have been mis-handled and/or broken by the tourist and therefore sent for repairs.
There is also a horror house which we did not entered as again the long queue.

Just before 8.00pm, we made our way out to the view the Symphony of Lights.

The magical night lights
Ater spending around another 20 minutes out here soaking up the beautiful sights, its time to go back.

As the night was still young, we wanted to go to the popular Lan Kwai Fong. However we were discouraged by the guide. They told us the place is just a stretch of road where all the pubs are located and mostly the patrons were the foreigners. So we decided to give it a miss tonight.

We were dropped off at our hotel and as it was still early, we decided to do shopping for soveniers at the Temple Street.

We has passed by this man selling "cheh chai mee (trolley mee)" the night before. This time we decided to order just a bowl to try.

Our bowl cost HK$26.00 only cheap but there is no squid nor any fishball.
Nothing to shout about- more like beef noodle soup.
Our trip is coming to an end tomorrow, so stay tuned for just one last post.

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