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Day 2 -10/2/2012

Our booking for the hotel included a half day city tour as well. We got our wakup call at 6.30 am. Look out of the window and it was still dark and quiet- seemed strange because in Malaysia the traffic could already be jammed up (anyway in the area where I lived).

We were picked promptly at 7.00 am by the tour guide, Mr. Tony. He seems very proficient in Feng Shui and we got an introduction of it during the tour. I must state that I am really not sure that everything he has told us is the truth but it did made our tour more interesting.

We were taken to this restaurant for our Dim Sum breakfast. As it was still early the tables were half empty- it is different from the usual chaotic scenes which we were shown in those TVB dramas.
This morning we were joined by a couple from Kuala Lipis/Raub, Malaysia.

The guide offered us this chili sauce - he says Malaysian always ask for chili sauce. To me this is more like chili bean paste.

As it was just after the Chinese New Year, we were offered a plate of "Lin Goh" (Glutinious Rice cake) Liked it's sweet and stickiness but found the coconut smell a bit overpowering- surely come from the package.

Steamed Cheong Fun with Prawns- big portion but to me the rice flour (cheong fun) is not as smooth as the ones that we can find around KL. Is it because it is more genuinely rice flour and not blended flours?

The various dim sums: Char Siew Pau, Siew Mai, Har Gow- all very delicious.

Char siew pau- oohh I love the dark sweet sauce and the fluffy pastry.

Lastly is the Fried Spring Roll.

After breakfast, its time to cross the Harbour Tunnel over to HongKong Island.

Our first lesson on the Feng Shui began here. He told us about the entrance of Tunnel- shaped like "a pig entering water". For the opening ceremony the government chosed the TVB actress Lydia Sum (deceased) (for her size!) to cross the tunnel. The revenue collected from the toll has been increasing ever since.

We reached the Golden Bauhinia Square. This flower has been chosen as Hongkong national flower now. This gold-plated monument was given by the China Mainland Government and it is always being gold-plated every 2 years to maintain its glossy appearance. ("kam shek fei wong")

The HongKong Convention Centre - just behind the Golden Bauhinia.
This building was approved by the last Governor - Christopher Patten. It is the shape of a tortise. Mr Tony told us that his mother told him about an old folks tale about a tortise being chained to the land. If the tortise was to be released to the sea, HK would be in deep trouble. Mr. Tony was so frightened when he heard this tale - because he could not swim! Anyway when this "tortise" was built on the reclaimed land, it likened to the tortise being released and the effect was the economic depression in 1997.

Besides the Convention Centre was this Monument. Now what do you think it resemble?

It is the handle of a chinese sword- plunge into the ground. This was built by the China government. It's intention is to break the "curse" of the "tortise". So once again HongKong came out from the depression. Hurray!

This is one of the iconic sights of HongKong- the skyscrapers over in Kowloon. It was cold and misty hence the unclear picture.

Behind Esther is the IFC building -(Finance Centre) which you can't see it very well, but at the top of the building, there is a clawlike feature point upwards towards the sky. It is called the "one hand cover the sky" (in chinese "Yat sow cheh tin")
HongKong people really believe that to harness good luck, all buildings are to be in accordance to the principles of Feng Shui.

Our next stop is the Repluse Bay. The plaque stated the historical facts of the site. But according to Mr. Tony, this place has been a mass graveyard during the Japanese occupation. Hence the prices of the properties around this area has no market value. Because of this, the people living around here bought out every gods to be placed around the beach to counter the dead spirits.
The Po Lin Monastery gave 3 pairs of "pei yow" (mystical animals) to be placed around this site and from that time onwards this place has become a tourist attraction now

What is a "pei yow" (mystical animal) like? It has the head of the dragon, the body of a cow and hooves like the unicorn. One distinctive feature it also has no backside (ass) so what goes in cannot come out. It is often used to "pek cher" (take in the bad luck/evil spirit) and turn it into good luck in its body.

Here is how you touch the "pei yow"- from the head/mouth along to back and then put your hand into your pocket and take home the good luck!

The God of Wealth

The dragon with the dragon ball.

The God of Peace and Harmony- good for every household.

A Plaque built by a Chan Family

The ba-gua compass use in Feng Shui. Mr Tony told us that this sign is on the dollar note of a country. This is the way that every citizen of that country can carry this Feng Shui sign to boost the economy of that country. That particular country is definitely doing well economically.

The elephant is also a lucky animal in feng shui. Just make sure that it's trunk is turned downwards because the elephant will turn its trunk upwards in attack mode and also to spray the water (money) out!

The Bridge of Longivity- one should walk from one end to another. Each step will to your longivity and each backward step will minus it.

The God of Marriage - did not carry any red string, so just pray for all you single ones out there that you will find your other half soon.

The Goddess of Mercy. I think this was the only Goddess on this beach the last time I came to this place. My recollection was a beachside with only this one Goddess. Now it is a good place to relax- clean and bright.

A pair of love birds enjoying all the attention given.

The Laughing Buddha- well Sarah -you have to do something to get that joy and happiness!
haha. Every one rubs his stomach (see the darken colour) to leave your troubles with him and you will be rewarded with his joy and happiness.

Ok- they have become kids again.
After listening to all this feng shui, Mr. Ton decided to take us to "chuen wan" (change our luck)- a boat ride.

The biggest floating restaurant in HK. - Jumbo Restaurant.

Aberdeen Fishing Village - where the people live on these fishing boats.
We can see the stark difference between the luxurious yachts besides these boat houses.

Seems that the government will be banishing them or relocating them ashore soon and there will be no more such fishing village.

See the centre space in those buildings- purposely built for feng shui.
These buildings are built with their back facing the mountain (solid backing) and these space allow the dragon on the mountain to come out and drink the water.

One last shot before the tour end here.

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