Sunday, April 10, 2011


We make use of a lot of egg yolks for the pineapple tarts each Chinese New Year. Most of egg whites goes down the drain. We had not thought of making use of them. Now with cost of living going up, recycle, reuse and reproduce are on everyone lips nowadays. So in the spirit of green living, it came to our minds to make good use of each items and not waste.

I have decided to experiment making meringue. Easy to make, cheap to make but time consuming to bake!

Yes, to get that crispy and dry meringue, so that it actually like melts in your mouth takes quite a long wait in a low oven. I find that unless they are properly dry out, they tends to "sweat" and becomes sticky when cool. So it is really imperative that they are slowly bake till they are dry.

Meringue -basically egg whites and sugar beaten together till stiff and glossy. The trick taught by Anna Olson- just a few drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of cornflour did the trick as well to hold their shape.

Have to get my hands steady to pipe nice rosette.

Still trying to improve on the looks.
The final products - light, airy, crispy and melt in your mouth coffee meringue kisses.

Verdict :-

1. Jennifer said "too sweet" - alright to reduce sugar next time

2. Evon said "a bit coarse" - don't know what she means.

3. Yoke said " Very nice- very successful"

4. Sarah said " melt in the mouth"

5. Elaine said "anytime better than the commercial ones. "

Well this is not the end of experimenting. Will have to improve more so that they will be ready for sale before Chinese New Year comes around.

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  1. Hahahaha... love how you wrote about the verdicts. And I'm I agree with you - it's always usually better than what you can outside when it comes to home-cooked food.