Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There are 2 dogs in my house. Toto is the miniature Schnauzer that my sister's boss gave me. The daughter was to busy to take care of him and she herself doesn't like dogs. So the poor dog was turned over to us otherwise he will be given over to the pound. He is a very "naughty boy"- playful and yet so trustful and such a good companion for me on my "home alone days". Recently I rescued PhowPhow from the roadside. It has been raining the whole morning and as we were passing, I saw her sitting in the rain by the roadside. I made my daughter turned back and got down to her and she was so willing to allow me to pick her up and follow me home. She must be somebody's abandoned or missing dog. So I decided to adopt her. She is such a pretty and dainty lady (when she is not roughing it out with Toto). So, I attempted to make some doggie biscuits for them. Who will have the first biscuit?
This dough is a healthy and its vegetarian dough- no meat or chicken stock except eggs are added. Besides its whole meal flour- so for Toto who has sensitive skin, it good for him.

I got a doggie biscuit cutter - its a bit too big. I found that if I squeeze the centre portion first and then press down the sides, the shape is much better- more like a doggie bone !

Got to bake them in moderate oven for around 45 minutes - to get a dry biscuit.

The aroma actually is very appetising.

The biscuit got to be quite thick otherwise it burns easily during the long baking time.

This the last batch and by then, I have an ideao of how thick the dough and the baking time to get a perfect lightly brown biscuit.

This is the first batch that was almost burnt - luckily rescued it in time.

The dogs loved them and they taste good- yes I have eaten them too.

Gave some of them for my friend to feed the strays around her neighbourhood.

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