Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There were a few birthdays over the last week. I had already baked a White Chocolate cake for Sarah's birthday. She also requested for another cake as she had 2 celebrations with different groups of friends. So since there is already a white cake, why not a Black Forest Cake as well.

Again I had baked 2 layers of the Chocolate sponge and wrapped them in the fridge before assemblying them the next day (besides it makes them easier to handle).

I used the same buttercream frosting except I added melted dark chocolate.

I brushed the layers liberally with Rum before topping the chocolate cream . They are young adults, so a bit of alcohol is allowed.

Next is to layer the pitted dark cherries around the cake. More chocolate cream goes on top before they are sandwich together.

The sides and top of cake are covered with whipped cream.

Next place the paper cut out of the heart shape over the cake -and dust cocoa powder.

Gently lift off the paper and voila- the heart should be in the center!

Pipe the rosettes and place the maraschino cherries on top of them.

I felt the sides were too bare, so I added the chocolate rice around the base

I had also made the same cake for my brother in law's birthday which fell on the 24/4/2011.

Here, you can see that I am practising the rose again. It is getting better and better...

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