Wednesday, October 10, 2018



Pasar Seni MRT Station.
Taking a day off from the moon-cakes baking, I took my sister for her first MRT ride. 

Chinatown @ Petaling Street. .

The shop on the right is where my late father have his roasted pork stall.  Right at the back of then coffee-shop, we had own "rotisserie" where we roasted whole pigs, char-siew and sausages.  

This is one of the "old-timers"  surviving in Chinatown  

The list of TCM practitioners and acupuncturists 

Taking time to pray for blessings of peace and health at the Kuan Ti  Temple aka Kwong Siew Free School.  When they (she and my elder brothers)  were small, they used to borrow Chinese story books from here too.  Not so sure whether they still have the free school or not. 

Opposite is the Sri Mahamariammah Indian temple The temple was founded in 1873 and is the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur.

and we have arrived at the bright yellow facade of the Petaling Street  Heritage House.... a center to preserve the Chinese musical heritage...  

This is a 2 storey shophouses

we went through the doors and into the cafe on the ground floor. Still too early for diners yet..   

We climbed up the stairs to the "museum" - a collection of old vinyl records from Yan Kee Record Shop, a very popular shop those days, news cuttings, and display of the some theatrical props used. 

You can read about the place from the internet.

Lucky "girl" was interview by NTV7.

Enjoying Uncle Bean Soya Bean to cool down.  

traditional mooncake?

freshly fried Yam Mooncake ... not cheap leh RM20.90 each. 

Happy with her purchases.... she bought it to give us... so generous of her..

resting along the corridors of the shophouses.   Many of the old shophouses have been refurnished into hipster cafes. 


  1. This post is so interesting. I didn't know those huge kiln ovens are called "rotisserie" .. I saw this oven once with a whole pig inside when I was the best man to collect a roasted pig at 6.00am to be given by the groom to the bride's family. That was in Kuala Kangsar over 20 years ago.

    You are such a good sister!

  2. Oh, I just called them "rotisserie" not sure that's the correct was basically a huge hole dug deep down and a wall built around it so that the man can stand on the edge and pulled the pig out when done... dangerous back breaking work.