Monday, October 22, 2018



We are ready.....

Marbled Butter Loaf

This numbers of lemons ... very stressful for the wrist ..... for these....

Lemon Pound Cakes

Mini Tuna Quiches. 

Baked goods from The Three Sisters Bake... our signature marbled  cake, lemon cake and pineapple tarts. 

My girlfriend's signature Biscotti, chicken pie and curry puffs. 

Time flies and it was time for the hospice charity again.   All our former classmates once again participated, some donated cash  to enable the two of us to bake our items,  some sponsor for the preparation of  the price tags while some gave their valuable time on the day to help out at the booth.   

Getting ready for the crowds....

The bright happy faces of the  ladies in black.........

very hard sell....

the best promoter.... 

brisk sale and in fact we were sold out by noon!

never too young to do charity .... she brought all her preloved toys for sale for these orphans....
Look at the happy smiles ....each got their favourite... thanks to her Grandma who paid for them.

the best partners, while left and right did the baking, my girlfriend, Katie did all these price tags and stands for us.

We also thanks everyone who dropped by our booth for the day (yes thank you blogger at Twilight Zone for dropping by too, nice to meet you!).... it is part of your acts of love and  charity as well.  


  1. Awww!! It's so sweet of you to mention me. I am surprised and honoured. You all are very kind hearted to put in so many hours to baked and sell the whole morning. The crowd was the biggest I had ever seen in any charity food fair.

    I really love the curry puff I bought from your stall because the pastry is so fragrant and very crispy thin. I love them and finished all by myself.

  2. If nearby, would love to join u to help out...

  3. My girlfriend baked at 4.00 am. before the sale!
    Thank you very much

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  5. Thanks for the invite, Elaine. Sorry cant make it that day

  6. Great job at the charity bazaar.
    Wah, even got Twilight Man dropping by!