Monday, September 3, 2018

MELBOURNE 2018 # 10


who said grown-ups can't have fun! 

her cheesy smile for the camera .

no need to go far.... autumn @ home 
the avenue leading to my sister's house were bathed in autumn colours. 

Alvin glad to do a tap dance for us... 

While Sarah went to the city to meet up with her friends, the rest of us went shopping at Doncaster.

When we came home, there was no electricity.  There was some sort of works going on along her street.  So, we all went over to Bill/Vicky place for dinner.  She cooked our Chan Clan noddles with minced meat in broth.
pyjamas party @ Vicky's house....  
will always treasure this moment. 

Little Audrey playing with Vicky's cat, Thelma/Louise

coaching by grand-uncle Bill .....

We finally went home to pack up for our flight home.  Already missing them all. 


  1. What a happy and loving family you have.
    I always Autumn the most as it lifts up our mood.