Monday, September 24, 2018



It was a auspicious day (Mid Autumn Festival) that we finally bid farewell to my little "old man" 

He has chosen to join our household  10 years ago on a rainy night.   I actually have noticed him running up and down the road in front of my house several times and I suspected that he had escaped from someone house and was roaming the streets.  He was all filthy and infested with ticks. Straightaway a tick wash and "botak" by Esther and he has been with us since.  Despite his small size, he has good appetite so we always tend to feed him more.  He could not fight with the other 2 female dogs, yes he was a gentleman indeed, even when he was bitten by Blackie,  more than once suffering from serious wounds.  

Two weeks ago he was admitted as we found that he was getting weak and cannot walk well.   It was diagnosed tick fever and immediately got the blood transfusion.  When he was discharged, he was still able  stand tall.... 

However he was getting weaker after 2 days and he  could not poo at all but still with good appetite.  
But he is so fastidious that he struggle to turn himself around just to pee outside the cloth (even though we have put a toilet pad under him)! 

just too weak to stand up and still no poo

his bloated stomach.

He was not a selfie lover, but looking handsome after grooming by Esther.  He love his bath and grooming and car ride without a murmur..
Yes we will always remember you, little fighter. 


  1. Such a loving tribute it brought tears to my eyes. RIP Chu Chu.

  2. Thanks for reading. He was a fine gentleman.

  3. RIP! You will meet again at Rainbow Bridge.