Sunday, May 27, 2018



Our little princess.... 
Its has been 2 years since you came to KL with your parents and this is the prefect time to get to know you deeper. Your charming smile and antics has kept us wanting to hug you and shower kisses on you.

So finally we decided to travel downunder to meet up. We booked the midnight MH flight and touchdown in Sydney around 10am in the morning.   Jeremy came to pick us up and we then went over to the domestic terminal to pick up my sister May who flew up from Melbourne too.  

While waiting for Jeremy, spotted my favourite Aussie food... beef pies..
I kept telling my daughters that I can't get really good beef pies in KL and I intened to eat as many as possible. For this trip I had the opportunity to eat actually 3 after all. 

By the time we turned into his unit, we saw Alexa and Eunice were waiting for us and she was so excited. However, the little girl was so shy when we meet face-to face! 

Wow, a delicious homecooked Korean lunch was waiting for us after we sorted out the sleeping arrangments. 

happily tucking in.....

Nap time...after lunch, it was time for Alexa's afternoon nap. 

While Alexa was sleeping at home, Jeremy drove us to the WAHROONGA Park/playground nearby where they frequently bring Alexa. 
There is a train station at this town too. 

There is a rose garden in the middle of the park.. each section was planted with a different coloured roses, pink, red, white and yellow.. beautiful blooms. 

Alexa's favourite playground... ripe fig

we took a stroll around the town center.... looking at the bakeries before heading home.

Alexa has woken by the time we returned... and it was time to give her our  presents...

a furry pink panter from Aunty Yoke, Fairy wings and tutu from grandma 

showing off her own toys to us... 

sticker book..and lots of story books too..

Eating again, dinner cooked by Jeremy.. pesto pasta with pear and green salad.

Our dessert..... a classic cheesecake for Sarah as it was her birthday.... lucky girl seems to celebrating her birthday overseas these recent years..

Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true. God Bless you always


  1. What a happy flying grandmother you are! Your life is filled with so much love and activities that keeps you happy. Keep it up.

    I think you can find the best beef Pies from Maria's Cafe!

    1. Thanks TM.
      Oh really? Must check it out.