Friday, June 1, 2018



After the church service at HTBB at Lot 10,  we would go for lunch together around the area.  We decided to try the J's Gate Dining, a whole floor of Japanese Food vendors.  While we were having our lunch, one petite Japanese lady came by and asked whether we would like to try the tea ceremony organised by Tsujiri. We did not catch her name but we are indeed very glad to hear that she is the person in charge organising and getting in  the Japanese chefs for the various dining choices at J's Gate.  We were also informed that infact some of the ingredients in certain stall were airflown from Japan as well.  

The 5th generation of Tsujiri with the tea-master from Japan.
The tea ceremony was scheduled at 12 noon and exactly on the dot, (the Japanese being ever so punctual) the tea ceremony started with the introduction of the Tsujiri, a 155 years of traditional green tea brand.    It started in Uji in Kyoto known for its green tea culture.     

Sado (way of tea culture) 

The true spirit of Sado.

harmony (wa),

reverence (kei),

purity (sei), 

and tranquility (jaku)

Higashi,  Japanese candies
These are  made from Wasanbon which is a Japanese sugar made with a tradition of 200 year history known for its sweet aroma and fine powdery texture.  These colourful candies are made by pressing the wasanbon into wooden molds and are normally served during the tea ceremony.      

All things Japanese.... yes the paper is from Japan too.
We were told that as the matcha could taste slightly bitter, we can partake the sweet first before drinking. 

whisking so fast....

the lovely hue and the fresh green aroma of matcha. 

When we received the tea cup from the master, we gave the cup a 90 degrees turn before taking  small sips. 
The tea cup is then return to the master who then cleanses it. Bow and thank the master.

Matcha is made of green tea leaves called Ten-cha and after going through the process of steaming and drying, it is traditional ground by stone mill to bring out the best aroma and flavour.    Most would probably known the health benefits of matcha ie the best antioxidant, anti-aging and anti- cancer besides the low caloric value and numerous vitamins as well.  

dainty matcha cookies
Drop by the Tsujiri shop at J's Gate and to sample their vast menu of matcha desserts/drinks/lattes as well have a  look at their shop design because the interior design and lighting of each Tsujiri outlets are created the world top lighting master, Mr. Shozo Toyohisa.


  1. Wow! That was a fabulous chance to be able to be served by the real Masters to sip the pure Japanese tea. I have heard of their brand in Kyoto during my 2 trips.

  2. So interesting! I like the taste of matcha