Thursday, May 3, 2018



Just back from a short trip to Sydney/Melbourne/Bright and will soon post about this wonderful holiday with my family even though it was a short 10 days.

These were cooked/made last month.
After the Chinese New Year, everyone in the family wants to eat healthy with the main objective of losing some of the weight gained.  Both the girls are complaining that around their workplace there seems to be no healthy choice of foods available for lunch.  So its time for mama to roll up the sleeves and make some bentos for their lunchtime.  

Bento 1# - French green lentils aka Lentilles du Puy (grown from French town Le Puy-en Velay), pumpkin mash (pumpkin boiled and mashed), grilled eggplant (cubed, salted and grilled)  for filling the pockets of the pita bread and served with side salad of cucumber and cherry tomatoes dressed with greek yogurt. 

Bento 2# - Grilled eggplant marinated with gochujang,  hard-boiled kampong egg (not in photo) with pickled radish and cucumber and mango for dessert. 

Bento 3# - Hakka Fried pork belly, baby tomatoes with mashed sweet purple potato, pumpkin, char-grilled peppers and quinoa salad.

Bento 4# - Baked Salted Salmon with sake, fresh romaine lettuce and  cherry  tomatoes and a french bean and taufoo salad mixed with vinaigrette dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, whole-grain mustard, salt and pepper).

Have a happy weekend.


  1. What?? 10 days holiday and you call that short. It is super luxury and long for me.

    I love your bentos! It is always more appetizing and neat to eat from the compartments.

  2. Thanks. It's short because time spend with family never enough

  3. nice to have 10 days holiday. A nice break from the normal daily life. Wah bento really have patience to make it

  4. Oh yes to nice holidays.
    Some of the items can be prepared overnight.