Tuesday, May 15, 2018



How was your Mother's Day celebration?

This was our time together... my sister with her daughter and myself with Sarah. 

The event was organised by Mari House @ Templer's Park
Mari House is a sprawling corner bungalow  event venue  - a huge house, green lawns, a communal farm with its magnificent view of the limestone mountains and peeks at the golf course. We were given a tour of the beautiful decorated house which can hosts events for corporate team building and activities, workshops, family gatherings, baby showers, weddings, dinner parties etc.  They have in-house chef to cater for your theme dinners as well. 

As we stepped through the entrances 

the green lawn greeted us.  We can see some of the vendors setting up their stalls for the event..

Koi pond in front of the main house...

one of the pavillions that dot on  the grounds

There is this small self-contained cottage which can sleep around 6 pax (I think so) which you can rent for overnight stay. 

While waiting for the yoga class to start, we took a tour around the communal farm.

View of the golf course in the background..
towering limestone mountains  

For guests kayaking is free in this small lake 

Herbs garden in progress.

the varieties of the national flowers... 

this is paper-cutting art... 

picnic on the lawn. 


Thank You to Chester Tan who conducted this fun partner yoga for us.


  1. What a lovely retreat in the beautiful greens of mother nature. You will live a very long life going there so often.

    1. It is indeed a hidden gem away from the city.