Sunday, February 19, 2017


5/12/2016 TO 9/12/2016
This was a road trip which we took in December 2016

The Great Serpent  @ Songkhla beach.
As there were relatives and friends who specially came back  from Australia and Singapore for the wedding, my brother organised a road trip for them up north after the event.  So I happily tagged along as well. 
Day 1

Plenty of space for each of us in a bus that can accomodate 40 pax while there were only around  20 of us.
We started off early from KL and arrived in Ipoh before lunchtime.  As it was too early for lunch, our bus driver recommended that we take a stroll to "Little Guilin" of Malaysia.

Gunung Lang - a recreational park amidst  the limestone hills 

Multi-coloured bougainvillea plant.. the flower of Ipoh

So we have to wait to to take the boat across to the recreational park and  we were lucky that we were the last batch just before they close for lunch..

a pleasant boat ride with surrounding view of the limestone hills. 

Views of the park..... 
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there is lookout tower ... 

the Chan clan group photo.

It was too hot to wander around the park so we beat a quick exit back to the jetty and the group adjourned for lunch at the air-con restaurant which was a cool relief.
After lunch we checked into 1926 Heritage Hotel. 
This hotel was built in 1926 and originally was home to British colonial immigration officers and administrators in Penang. 

There are 24 heritage link houses that has been restored which make up the hotel.  

These houses (individual rooms/suites) are surrounded by these long corridors and spacious balconies and beautiful wooden windows and decors. 

the swimming pool in center of the hotel. 

really old style rooms, but with a view of the swimming pool, besides room was clean and spacious.

After freshening up, its time to go shopping..

yes, he was featured in Ho Chak programme! but long before that this uncle is a popular star.... his banana apom (little pancakes) are really yummylious ...which we only get to taste the next  morning because there was this very long queue here and we were told no more pancakes  for the day.....

so, the next best street food, glutinous rice dumplings.. 

The hotel is located along Burma Road and close by is Ghee Hiang and also the Him Heang shops.  We went into Ghee Hiang first and bought their pure sesame oil and by the time we finished shopping here, Him Heang shop already closed (at 5.00 pm sharp!)  

Thankfully, there is this shop just next to the hotel and more happy biscuits  shopping before we departed for our dinner at around Gurney Drive.  Dinner was at the open food court to try their local food... which later proved "dangerous" as later in the night a couple of the group was taken to the hospital for food poisoning. And that more or less started the sickness among some of us as we continue with the road trip sister and her hubby and myself included.

After dinner,  we headed for the tram ride up Penang Hill...this was a wise choice...

as there were no  huge crowds and  no queuing up under  the hot sun 

Keretapi Bukit Bendera 1923
Penang Hill was discovered by Sir Francis Light in 1788 who cleared the peak to plant strawberries. The first funicular train started its run in October 1923 and the present train is the 4th generation train system (modern and with air-conditioning) This is the oldest British hill station at the height of 833 meters above sea level and with a 27.9 degree steepness, it is also one of the steepest tunnel track in the world.

The enchanting night view of Penang.

Shadow play...around the Skyway which offers a 360 degree view 

the viewing deck ...

David Brown's Restaurant located at the highest peak in Penang Hill.

It was a relaxing and cooling walk around the peak..

goodnight Penang...


  1. Wah! You make me wanna cry lah with this spot-on post that flooded me with so much sentimental memories. You know that I am Penang Lang with a Thai born mother, right?
    That Songkhla Beach with the serpent was my childhood playground as my late grandfather still has a big house nearby that beach. I spent many holidays growing up there.

    Then in Penang, we once lived at the government quarters along the street right opposite this 1926 Heritage Hotel. Finally fast forward, I brought my wife to Penang and had our first date dining at that memorable restaurant in Penang Hill. Until today, she kept telling everyone that I was busy browsing my phone during the dinner date! Fulamak!! Muahahaha...

  2. Wow, that's wonderful house by the beach. But I could not find the Serpent body? Hahaha... how can you be on the phone when dating your wife. I think I like Penang Hill at night better than daytime.