Monday, February 13, 2017



A very Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  
CNY had ended and its time to finish the posting, so here's part 2 of our celebrations. 


What a unique word.... can you guess the actual meaning? 

the "experts" preparing the ingredients for the raw fish/Lou Sang.

I like this traditional lou sang... using crap fish (sang yee instead of salmon etc) and not so many artificial colouring crispies. 

succulent Char siew... just the right proportion of fat and lean meat 

Cold Chicken in jelly

Signature "Pipa Duck"

Lunch @ Sek Yuen Restaurant. 

thinking hard for rumi session @ 4th day of CNY at Taman Desa ..

some of the CNY gifts received from my family, I really appreciated the loving thoughts behind these gifts

5th day CNY at cousin house.
This swing still around since my Aunty's time, she is no longer with us.   

My cousin really got green fingers and this mini garden is so productive with the chillies, pandan,  sarawak pineapples, herbal plants and ... 

very "fat" aloe vera ... got this 2 leaves from her plus the herbal plants (known as "Black General" in Chinese)

So boiled this "cooling" drink ...
this is how to get the "flesh" from the Aloe Vera plant...slit the blade in half and scooped out the flesh and cut into small pieces. 

Boil sweet syrup with red dates, ginger slices and rock sugar for an hour before adding the aloe vera.

Tried this salad for ourselves as we have been eating too much meat.
Pan-fried fish till crispy, remove the bones carefully and set the fish aside.  

I called this the kerabu - finely sliced bunga kantan, serai, kaffir leaves, red chillies

shredded carrot and cherry tomatoes

love this pomelo and used some for the salad...

Mixed all ingredients together with some lime juice (I used lemon juice since I don't have any limes at home), olive oil and salt and pepper... good

visit to the newly-wedded niece's  new home  - open house session.

Our scare for the CNY,  when suddenly my brother-in-law almost fainted during our shopping trip to Ikea... he got the "royal treatment" from the very helpful staff. They were indeed most helpful and concerned too. Thank you guys.

We went for this bowl of prawn mee from the stall that Samo Hung came to patronize with his family (published in Chinese newspaper).  Instant fame and the queue get longer now.... we waited for almost half hour and the staff told us not to hurry them when taking our orders.... would you want to eat ? not again....

Baking green tea chiffon cake 

swiss roll with chicken floss 

another visit to another niece's new home open house... 

playing with their pets...

 Niece CNY visit cum "new open" house    

pizza, angku and cakes...

Friend's open house @ 

Plenty of delicious food cooked by her friends... 

managed to catch a lion dance ... 

getting my sister May to try Nasi Kerabu.... 

Finally a farewell dinner for my niece Cathy who has left for her student exchange programme in Melbourne. 

It is always the best Chinese New Year every year with the Chan Clan. 

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  1. So lau juak with family members! I had lived in Taman Desa for 10 years before moving away.