Tuesday, February 7, 2017


The Chan clan wishes everyone Happy Chinese New Year 2017

"Hoi Goong Tai Gat"! (happy working after Chinese New Year, hereinafter will be referred to "CNY").
It was a happy wonderful week of gathering together to eat, catch up with each other  and mahjong/rumi sessions of course! (once a year happening allowed only)

how you have grown....since a year ago ..
CNY 2016

CNY's eve - homemade steamboat.
Since my nephew is back with his family from Australia for the CNY, my sister decided to make the steamboat at her house and invited us along.  By the way, we went to Pudu Wet Market, (my maiden visit-lah) at 6 am to get the freshest meat, fish and veggies! And no, we were the earliest, the market was already bustling with many people and especially the Roasted Pork Stalls were packed and long queues! Reminded me of my father's business and how when we followed him to Petaling Street in the wee hours on CNY eve to get ready to face the customers too. 

So while the Chan Clan aunties were celebrating with steamboat, the Chan clan uncles and families were in PJ for the reunion dinner... 

our traditional breakfast ..used to have these during my parent's time before we go "pai lin" (visitation). 

a kiss from the naughty boy - Toto... truly a blessing another year with them...

the not so domineering male ... Juju

the 2 grand ladies - Blackie and Phow-Phow

My darling little Alexa - wishing everyone Happy and Healthy New Year from Sydney!

It's really hard to get a good photo with Phow-Phow, so this one was a surprise when she came by herself

my "big" darlings 

the four sisters - glad to have my sister May from Australia with us this year. 

The Chan Clan in Melbourne 

celebrating with their reunion dinner.... 

homemade yee sang down under...

....cooked by Uncle Bill.... 
2nd day CNY dinner.  

Lou Sang

Prepping the long table for dinner.. 

this is what I cooked for the dinner... Fried Turnip stuffing to be wrap with lettuce 

Loh Hon Chye- classic vegetarian 

stuffed bell pepper with fish paste in black bean sauce.... but regretably that the fish paste turned mushy after frying, really cannot keep well even though frozen since CNY eve.     


  1. Hope have chance to meet you one of the day...

  2. Wah! Wah! So lau juak! See all the happy smiles of the Chan family with plenty of CNY food. Sure ONG MALI in abundance for all.

    I love all your dogs and their special names esp TOTO! Next one should name him Trump! LOL How many do you keep at home??

    1. The 4 of them made their home with us for more than 5-6 years...i think so. hahah

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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