Monday, February 27, 2017



Time to go on the road again as after our breakfast and checked out.

The smooth drive now had most of us catching forty winks and before lunchtime we had arrived at the Thai border immigration.  There is no air-conditioning here and we can see the long queues especially those who are driving into Thailand in their own vehicles.  The guide who met us here told us that the weekend queues are worse...   

Finally our first Thai meal, boneless chicken rice shop. 

I was wondering what "boneless chicken"  and actually it was deboned chicken pieces. The rice is fragrant (its Thailand rice!)  with garlic and ginger and the chicken pieces smooth and moist.  

After a satisfying meal and shopping along the roadside- pulut rice (well known white glutinous rice)  as we walked back to the bus, we saw some of the offices/shops being draped with black mourning banners for their King.

The head of the Great Serpent "Nag" 

{There is a plaque with the inscription as follows: The Great Serpent "Nag" is the deity of the divine creation of water as well as fertility to all living things. The people of Southern Thailand believe that Nag sprays divine water so as to make people feel fresh and happy, as well as purify the blemishes which occur within our minds and bodies. As a result Nag is one of the most highly respected deities of Southern Thailand. Thus the local people frequently pay respect to Nag and ask him to forever bring happiness and good fortune to their life..... The first section is the serpent's head which symbolizes the intelligence and wisdom of the people of the city. The second section is the serpent's navel which symbolizes the city's riches. The last is the tail which symbolizes the charisma and strength of the community of the people. The sculpture's official opening ceremony was done in 2007} taken from Internet.


the other end of the Samila Beach.... 

and where the  the Golden Mermaid sit.
This sculpture was built in 1966 by Jitr Buabus, former director of the Art and Craft college in Bangkok, based on the story that the mermaid was frightened away by a fisherman while combing her hair on a starry night.  The Prince waited in vain to return the golden comb but the mermaid was never to be seen again.  

Along the beachside, giant posters of their King. 

There is also an altar for mourning in the hotel lobby. 

Festive decorations for the New Year 


  1. If for me to go Hatyai buy coach, super super long journey...

  2. I always played around this mermaid when I was a small kid. My late grandpa's old bungalow is just walking distance to this mermaid. So much fond memories. They are lots of nice restaurants serving Thai food there along the Samila Beach. Did you stay at the Samila Hotel?

    1. No, we stayed in the city center..hotel opposite Lee Garden, cant recall the name of hotel

    2. Opposite Lee Gardens could be Central Hotel, if I am not mistaken.

  3. really can remember the place well.